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    Telerik SalesDashBoard demo is now available for download

    Telerik Sales Dashboard demo has been updated and now it uses the latest official releases of RadControls for Silverlight 4 and OpenAccess ORM. The source code of the demos is available under your accounts at: Telerik Sales Dashboard for Silverlight Telerik Sales Dashboard for WPF We will greatly appreciate your...
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    Telerik Sales Dashboard Demo for Silverlight and WPF

      Telerik Sales Dashboard demo application shows you how to benefit from:  Code reuse between the Silverlight and WPF UI Implementing the Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight ("Prism") Using OpenAccess ORM for building an optimized data layer with little or no coding  The Telerik Sales Dashboard is a demo application for monitoring a company’s sales representatives’ performance. The dashboard provides senior management with rich data visualizations for analyzing enterprise data, thus facilitating the decision-making process in a typical business environment. The demo demonstrates a best practice approach for structuring a large-scale enterprise application that has a single business-logic layer shared by two different presentation...
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    Could a WinForms app get any slicker?

    It's finally out! As promised, we compiled this cool demo that uses a very simple but slick carousel UI. Now you can just give it a spin! The download contains updated versions of several other Telerik Windows Forms demos that we have recently added to our portfolio, such as a RadGridView exporting demo, which features our great Telerik.Reporting solution: I'll be very glad to have your feedback on this. Have fun!...
    August 25, 2008