Prior to make your entire application depend on a third-party data framework, it is natural to verify that it is really going to fulfil your requirements and satisfy the needs of your custom scenario. Of course, having all the online resources is helpful, but how can you really get an overview of the end-to-end usage cycle when different features are combined?

Fortunately, we have the answer! Apart from developing Telerik OpenAccess ORM, our team is also doing application development, using OpenAccess in real life user scenarios. Those solutions are packed nicely in a separate product - the OpenAccess Samples Kit, previously called the OpenAccess SDK. 

OpenAccess Samples Kit Main Screen

There, you can not only see the code using all the OpenAccess APIs, but you can run any application out-of-the-box, without making any local configurations! OpenAccess Samples Kit will automatically import the required database and configure all the connection strings for you, providing you with a working solution. 

In addition, most of the samples come with a thorough tutorial, which you can use to understand how the application has been built and what are the key points that you have to learn in order to make a similar one.

As OpenAccess ORM is constantly evolving, we are trying to keep up with the new features and show them in the Samples Kit as well. The latest additions include:

  • Streaming Videos using OpenAccess – demonstrating how to use the OpenAccess ORM Streaming support with HTML5 video players through an ASP.NET Web API service. You will learn how to achieve parallel streaming and upload multiple video files (chucked upload) to a blob column in the database simultaneously. The connection between client and server is implemented through a Web API service generated by the Add OpenAccess Service wizard.
  • Artificial Types API with OpenAccess ORM – shows you how to use the unique capability of OpenAccess ORM to create types during runtime and then generate or update the database automatically. This functionality is employed also in Telerik Sitefinity, where the dynamic creation of modules is implemented with the OpenAccess Artificial Types API.
Take a look at the 50+ example applications that OpenAccess Samples Kit is offering and in case you don't find the needed guidance within them, just post a new resource request on our feedback portal!

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About the Author

Ivailo Ivanov

 is Team Lead in Telerik Data Access


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