• Cloud Mobile

    Icenium 1.8 Keynote Recording, Sample App & Prize Winners

    The Icenium 1.8 release is out, and in this post we link to the recording, list our fabulous prize winners and link to our sample app github repos.
    September 27, 2013
  • .NET

    New video on Telerik Reporting's Sales Dashboard is available

    A couple of weeks ago we mentioned that we have been working on updating the videos which come with the Telerik Reporting Demos to reflect the updates we have introduced to them, namely updating them with interactivity and the new datasource components.  A few days ago we uploaded a new how-to video about the Sales Dashboard, which shows the exact steps of how we created our main dashboard demo. Watch the video and leave your feedback! You can also review the first video on the Product Catalog Demo. ...
    October 12, 2010
  • .NET Desktop

    Q2 2010 Beta of Telerik XAML controls is here

    I am proud to announce the immediate availability of our Q2 2010 Preview (Beta, version 2010.2 609) release. It contains the new controls, features and tools we plan to officially announce in July. This Beta version of RadControls for Silverlight contains only natively built assemblies on Silverlight 4 as our major new controls and features will be built only on Silverlight 4 from now on. We also included assemblies built against WPF 4 in this Beta release and they are available under the Beta download files along with the installation of our WPF 3.5 controls. RadControls for Silverlight - Download Trial Version and over...
  • .NET Desktop

    Telerik SalesDashBoard demo is now available for download

    Telerik Sales Dashboard demo has been updated and now it uses the latest official releases of RadControls for Silverlight 4 and OpenAccess ORM. The source code of the demos is available under your accounts at: Telerik Sales Dashboard for Silverlight Telerik Sales Dashboard for WPF We will greatly appreciate your...
  • .NET Desktop

    Telerik Sales Dashboard Demo for Silverlight and WPF

      Telerik Sales Dashboard demo application shows you how to benefit from:  Code reuse between the Silverlight and WPF UI Implementing the Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight ("Prism") Using OpenAccess ORM for building an optimized data layer with little or no coding  The Telerik Sales Dashboard is a demo application for monitoring a company’s sales representatives’ performance. The dashboard provides senior management with rich data visualizations for analyzing enterprise data, thus facilitating the decision-making process in a typical business environment. The demo demonstrates a best practice approach for structuring a large-scale enterprise application that has a single business-logic layer shared by two different presentation...