Yesterday we had blast giving a keynote for the Icenium 1.8 release. With features like the new Icenium Extension for Visual Studio, using Cordova custom plugins, and numerous updates & enhancements to Mist and Graphite - this was an exciting release and we can't brag enough on the amazing work our engineering team has pulled off!

Demos and Links

During the keynote, Burke Holland and I put together a sample app called "Chuck Facts" - since the world can never know too much about Chuck Norris. You can find the repositories for the sample app here:

Not only was this sample app a lot of fun to put together, but it gives you a peek into what it's like to work with mobile apps, Azure services, Kendo UI Mobile and custom plugins - all from inside Visual Studio!

Todd Anglin showed off Eqatec Application Analytics during the keynote as well, so be sure to go to to check out the compelling features of cross-platform analytics and watch the keynote (at the bottom of this post) to see how Todd integrates Eqatec into a sample hybrid mobile app to get real time analytics. He even goes into how you can track feature-specific usage in an app - giving you amazing visibility into how your app is being used in the real world. How cool is that?!


Really - who doesn't love winning something?! Especially when it's a sleek mobile device, or an Icenium subscription! Here's what was up for grabs:

  • Samsung Galaxy 4
  • iPad
  • iPad Mini
  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 10
  • 50 Icenium Ultimate Subscriptions

Our lucky device winners are:

  • Samsung Galaxy 4 - Kenneth Moynihan
  • iPad Maryna Vilyaykina
  • iPad Mini Ruben Haritoonian
  • Nexus 4 David Hostler
  • Nexus 10 Tom Ecord

What about those 50 Icenium Ultimate Subscription Winners?

    Michael Abele
    Andrew Aboudaoud
    Paula Bastow
    Mitch Bessett
    Olga Botvinik
    Matthew Burleigh
    Bob Cardenas
    Kevin Cody
    Nick Corley
    Peter Costantino
    Tirrell Cotton
    Mark Frigon
    Robert Gayo
    Joel Hays
    Buck Hicks
    Craig Holdheide
    Luis Irizarry
    Gagan Jaswal
    April Johnson
    Rodney King
    Mary Kinnick
    Michael Knell
    Matthew Kunstman
    Bryan Lepper
    Patrick Lupiani
    Vijaya Malla
    Blaine McDonnell
    Douglas McVarish
    Gerard Mijares
    Jesse Nelson
    Ben Neubert
    Dominick Nielson
    Mark Oerkfitz
    Shyam Pillai
    David Reavill
    Drew Rhoades
    Jeff Sakomoto
    Danny Schreiber
    David Schroeder
    Andy Scott
    Thomas Skowronski
    Scott Snyder
    Mara Stoica
    Erik Sundberg
    David Taylor
    Jeff Vail
    Eric Weiss
    Sergio Wilson
    Kevin Wise
    Chun Wong

High fives to all of our winners. We tried to have Chuck Norris personally deliver your prizes, but the email that you'll receive shortly will have to suffice, sorry.


If you missed the keynote, no worries! You can watch it right here:

After catching up on the keynote, go grab the brand new Icenium Extension for Visual Studio, and take Icenium for a test drive as well!

Jim Cowart

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