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    Zoom and Scroll Data Over Time with RadHtmlChart for ASP.NET AJAX

    The Data Navigation functionality in RadHtmlChart for ASP.NET AJAX is useful for displaying large sets of data over time that let you zoom and scroll to particular time ranges.
    December 11, 2013
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    3 Easy Steps to Replace Existing Charts with Telerik’s HTML5-based ASP.NET Chart

    In the past year we put conscious effort into enhancing the data visualization components offered in Telerik’s control suite for ASP.NET AJAX development and we thought it was about time we started showcasing them in the Sales Dashboard sample application instead of the previously used Silverlight controls. Since this was an interesting experience some of you might also be going through, we decided to share our know-how. This blog post is going to walk you through the 3 steps it takes to migrate from Silverlight to HTML5 data visualization.
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    RadHtmlChart vs. RadChart, round 2. Which one is right for me?

    It has been a year since we released the first version of our ASP.NET Chart control based on HTML5, RadHtmlChart,and it is time for an updated comparison with the “old” RadChart control, as well as for an insight into what is coming up.
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    Introducing Design-Time Gallery for RadChart for Windows 8/XAML

    We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the RadChart design-time gallery feature that is part of our latest RadControls for Windows 8 XAML Q2 2013 release. Some of you that have used our charting components for the other XAML platforms are probably familiar with the concept and would be happy to hear that we have now incorporated the same visual tooling and productivity boost to our Windows 8 XAML control as well.
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    RadChart for WinForms is obsolete. Now what?

    The following message prompts when you run your RadChart for WinForms-enabled project against the latest version of Telerik's WinForms toolkit: 'Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadChart' is obsolete: 'RadChart is obsolete. Please use RadChartView instead.' I know that a lot of questions come to your mind at this very moment. “What happens now? What does RadChartView supports? How do I upgrade to RadChartView? Can my current RadChart implementation stay in my project?”. Read more to find out what the present and future hold for RadChart and RadChartView.