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Telerik UI for Blazor 1.2.0 is here, and it brings official support for ASP.NET Core 3.0 Preview 6!

Seems like nowadays we can confidently say “another day, another Blazor release!” While maybe not that bad, last week we did see updates come through with ASP.NET Core 3.0 Preview 6 dropping. If you’re interested in what’s new for ASP.NET Core Preview 6 head on over to Daniel Roth’s blog post covering the Preview 6 update.

As for this blog post, we will be focusing on the latest and greatest within Telerik UI for Blazor 1.2.0 which dropped today!

Preview 6 Support and Changes

While there are a lot of changes happening with Blazor itself, which the previously linked blog from Microsoft covers in detail, I wanted to highlight some of the items that have a direct impact on Telerik UI for Blazor. These are just copied straight from said blog post:

  • New Razor features: @attribute, @code, @key, @namespace, markup in @functions
  • Blazor directive attributes
  • Authentication & authorization support for Blazor apps
  • Static assets in Razor class libraries

There’s obviously more to this update, but the above has a direct impact around working with our UI components. For example, rather than using @function to define the code within our pages the new approach is to use @code within markup.

Another change is that Blazor-specific syntax uses more of the @directive attribute, which means that code that looked like:

<TelerikDateInput @ref="theDateInput" bind-Value="@dateInputValue"></TelerikDateInput>

is now:

<TelerikDateInput @ref="theDateInput" @bind-Value="dateInputValue"></TelerikDateInput>

In case you didn’t notice the small difference, the new approach uses @bind-Value versus the old way of bind-Value.

As mentioned, there are plenty of other updates but I just wanted to note some of the highlights here. Of course, with our support for Preview 6, UI for Blazor 1.2.0 officially supports working with these new features!

Telerik UI for Blazor Demos and Docs

While we’re on the topic, something to mention is that we have gone through all of our demos and documentation articles to cover these changes. This means that any code snippet or piece of information related to the previously mentioned changes will be reflected in our samples (@function is @code etc.).

This is a part of our ongoing commitment to stay on top of the latest and greatest within Blazor. The Telerik UI for Blazor team wants to ensure that any accompanying resource that we have, not just our actual UI components, continues to stay up-to-date and follow along with whatever changes happen within the Blazor framework. It’s a rapidly evolving world but we’re here to make sure you can follow along!

Some Updates to Our UI Components

An improvement with UI for Blazor 1.2.0 is that telerik-blazor.js, the one JavaScript file that we included with some interop items for Telerik UI for Blazor, is now included within the actual NuGet package of the product. This opens up the ability to rely on what is included with the NuGet package rather than rely on a CDN, which has been the approach so far. So, with Telerik UI for Blazor 1.2.0 you get a choice for how to include this JavaScript file: either through the CDN (which has been a frequently used method so far) or just pull in the file from the NuGet package you have referenced in your Blazor project already. Exactly what you need to keep in mind is covered in this documentation article.

Beyond this we have also introduced the ability to work with the EditorTemplate in popup editing for the data grid component, as well as binding DateInput and DatePicker to nullable values - two highly requested features from developers working with these two components. Both of these features are based on feedback that existing Telerik UI for Blazor users have sent over. We want to you, the developer, to know that your feedback is being addressed so continue to send over notes through our Telerik UI for Blazor Feedback Portal, or our support ticketing system, to ensure that we address items that you need!

More to Come!

The story of Telerik UI for Blazor certainly does not stop here, and we’ll be back in the near future with another update with new components and new features. Yes, 1.2.0 mainly focused on the changes coming from ASP.NET Preview 6, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy expanding the features and capability of our UI components! Keep a look out for updates both here to keep up to date on the latest and greatest!

Carl Bergenhem
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