One of the features that we debuted with our Q1 release was the Kendo UI Single-Page Application (SPA) Framework. The word "SPA" has become terribly over-hyped in the past 6 months. It's kind of lost it's original meaning if it ever had one to begin with. The Kendo UI SPA Framework is a set of JavaScript API's that allow you to completely replace the content on the screen based on the URL without ever posting the page to a server. Anytime someone says "A Set Of API's", my eyes sort of gloss over. I know what an API is, but it doesn't really mean anything to me until I see the way that it's used. Fortunately for me and you, Derick Bailey did a complete write-up on the Kendo UI SPA Framework.

The framework is devided up into three main areas: Views, Routers and Layouts. Derick covers each one separately, starting with the View.

This series is chocked full of sample code in which Derick builds a "Kitteh Viewer", that puts all of the SPA components to work, but keeps it simple enough to understand.


Each quarter, following our release, we do a TechChat. This is a live and informal broadcast where Derick and I get together and run through some demos, talking about the code and the underlying concepts. This quarter we are going to do a SPA TechChat.

In this TechChat, I'm going to interview Derick about SPA's in general and the Kendo UI SPA framework. We'll also take a look at some of the strategies for maintaining HUGE SPA applications, based on best practices and different schools of that. Derick likes to quote Justin Meyer on this one:

The secret to building large apps is never to build large apps. Break your application into small peices. Then, assemble those testable, bite-sized pieces into your big application

That sounds nice, but how do you go about doing that with Kendo UI?

Kendo UI Is Not The Only SPA Framework

We definately know this is true, and don't want to force you to do things the Kendo UI way. What about Backbone? What about Angular? These frameworks are incredibly compelling in their own right. That's why we have labs projects where there are people dedicated to making these libraries work seamlessly with Kendo UI.

We'll spend the second part of the TechChat looking at both Backbone and AngularJS, and talk about what it's like to use Kendo UI inside of a third party application framework.

Join Us!

So join us next Wednesday, July 24th at 10 AM CST (11 EDT) for the first official Kendo UI SPA TechChat. It's going to run about an hour and we'll be answering your questions on all things SPA. Derick will be on OS X using VIM and I'll be on Windows rocking Visual Studio 2012. There's something for everyone here and we look forward to chatting with you next Wednesday.

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Burke Holland is the Director of Developer Relations at Telerik
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Burke Holland is a web developer living in Nashville, TN and was the Director of Developer Relations at Progress. He enjoys working with and meeting developers who are building mobile apps with jQuery / HTML5 and loves to hack on social API's. Burke worked for Progress as a Developer Advocate focusing on Kendo UI.

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