Did you join us yesterday for the Kendo UI Q1 2013 Release Keynote? A few thousand of you did, and we'd like to thank you again for taking time to see what we've been cooking for the last 4 months. As you saw in the keynote, this release is packed with improvements and new features everywhere you look, so we hope you enjoy the new bits.

To help you on your journey exploring the latest release, this post compiles some of the important follow-up resource links for you, along with the keynote recording and list of keynote raffle winners. Bookmark this post and refer back to it if you need to find any of these important links later.

Demos and Source Code

First up, links to find the demos and source code that you saw in yesterday's keynote.

Derick's Web + PHP Demos

Derick Bailey showed-off some cool demos of the new PHP wrappers while also showing some of the new Kendo UI Web widgets.

Burke's Mobile Demos

Burke Holland showed-off many of the fun new features in Kendo UI Mobile, including Windows Phone 8 support and new "server navigation mode" (for mobile websites).
And while not in the keynote, Burke has also prepared a series of videos to help Java developers get started with the Kendo UI Java JSP server wrappers. You can find both the video links + the related demo source code on the JSP wrapper resources page.

Brandon's DataViz + Integration Demos

Brandon Satrom showed-off new Kendo UI DataViz chart types while also showcasing the brand new Kendo UI Labs site, where you can find open source Kendo UI integrations with popular libraries like AngularJS and Knockout.

Kendo UI Mobile Music Store

We also introduced yesterday the brand new mobile component for the Kendo UI Music Store reference app. You can find links to run the app on your device + links to the full source code on GitHub by visiting the new Mobile Music Store demo page.

In fact, if you want a complete intro to getting the Mobile Music Store running on your device, along with steps you can follow to get your own editable copy of the app running in minutes in Icenium, check-out my new blog post on the Icenium.com blogs!

Keynote Raffle Winners

Now for our lucky raffle winner! We gave away some super cool prizes to live attendees of our release keynote, including:
  • (1) MacBook Air
  • (2) Mobile Device "Packs" (Unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 + Nexus 4 + iPad Mini)
  • (3) Nexus 10 tablets
  • (25) Kendo UI Complete licenses (actually 30, since all winners get this!)
And our luck winners are:
  • MacBook Air: Joe Parente
  • Mobile Device Packs: Kevin Scholl and Ralph DeVelvis
  • Nexus tablets: Terry Moore, Stephen Caracappa, and Mark Garrison
  • Kendo UI licenses: Darcy Dechene, Ravi Kiran, Toni Thenhausen, Luke Burgess, Timur Kashaev, Bogdan Cirlan, Dimitar Dimitrov, Hongbo Fu, Torben Melander, Tero Matinlassi, Gergoire William, Fred Hersch, Mike Bentzen, Attila Mika, Naren Babu, Krushna Sahu, Rene Baams, Kjeld Loozen, Frederiek Lefebvre, John Gilligan, Richard Lester, Charbel Seif, Phu Ngo, Mohammad Taghavi, AND...Simos Simistiras!
Congrats to all of our lucky winners! You will get an email shortly with your prize details. If you didn't win, you still have one more chance!

Tweet to Win

We announced during the keynote that you have one more way to win by simply tweeting something like about Kendo UI while using the #kendoui hashtag. Here's the details:
  • WHAT: Tweet somthing you like about Kendo UI using the #kendoui hashtag
  • WHEN: Do it by midnight (Eastern) on Wednesday, March 27
  • WHY: Three lucky winners will be randomly selected to win Kendo UI Complete licenses ($700 value)
  • HOW: Winners will be announced via the @KendoUI twitter account, so be sure to follow if you want to see who wins. Winners will also be contacted via twitter to claim prize.
Got it? Good. Have fun tweeting. We love to see the things you share about #KendoUI.

Keynote Recording

Last, but certainly not least, if you missed the live keynote, or if you just want to re-watch some of the awesome demos, the complete recording is now available on the Kendo UI YouTube channel. You can also find a copy embedded before for your convenience.

Thanks once again for your interest in our release and for helping us make Kendo UI the best and most complete framework for building sites and mobile apps with HTML and JavaScript!

About the Author
is an avid HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript advocate, and geek about all things web and hybrid mobile development. He is an active speaker and author, helping developers around the world learn and adopt HTML5. Todd works for Telerik as EVP for Cross Platform Tools & Services. Todd is @toddanglin on Twitter.

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