Last week, I blogged about Kendo UI at South-By-Southwest (SxSW), and shared a video I did with Robert Shoemate of the Test Studio for iOS team.

This week, I'd like to share another interview we filmed at SxSW on the Expo Hall floor. This one is with Mike Taylor (@miketaylr) of Opera Software. Mike works as a "Web Opener" for Opera, where he participates in Web Standards work with the W3C, evangelizes the Opera platform and helps developers build sites that work well with the Opera browser. Burke can attest to Mike's skill in this last area as Mike has spent a lot of time offering advice and suggestions for getting Burke's own HTML5Camera working with Opera's new WebRTC implementation. Mike and I were on the browser dev tools panel at SxSW, so I asked him if he would share some of the awesome things that Opera is doing for web and mobile browsing, as well as what awesome tools they are working on for web developers. In this short (5 minute) video, Mike shares some exciting new features in Opera Mobile 12 and talks about new Remote Debugging features in Opera Dragonfly (Opera's Dev Tools suite). 

If you're not an Opera user, or you don't have Opera in your local browser test suite, I highly encourage you try it out. It's a great browser and Opera is a fantastic company that has been instrumental in championing many of the web standards that we brand "HTML5," today. For many years, they were the "voice crying out in the wilderness" as other browser vendors sat idly by and allowed their own browsers (and thus the evolution of the web) to languish. But I digress. Just go download their browser on your PC, Mac, Linux box or Mobile Device.

Finally, our awesome marketing team just put together a really cool Telerik @ SxSW recap video that you can watch on YouTube. It's only a minute long, so go check it out.

Let us know what you thought about the interview. Are these useful for you? Should we do more of them with other industry luminaries in the future? Let us know in the comments.

Video on YouTube
Opera for Desktops
Opera Mobile
Opera Dragonfly Blog
Opera Developer Tools
Mike Taylor on Twitter

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