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With the Q1 2013 release of Kendo UI, there were several new components added to better facilitate Single Page Application (SPA) development. Since the release, I've been building sample applications, writing blog posts and creating screencasts to cover these new framework pieces.

Kendo UI SPA: View And View-Model Screencast

I'm happy to say that I released the first screencast episode last week!

But I'm not done, there. I've already started work on the second episode, and will have at least one more, possibly more beyond that.

Getting Started Resources

At this point there's enough information out there to get anyone down the road to happy SPA development with Kendo UI. Here are the best places to watch, read and learn, right now:

"A Day At The SPA" blog post series:

  1. View:
  2. Layout:
  3. Router:
  4. To Navigate, Or Not To Navigate?:

Getting started docs:

Screencast episodes:

  1. View And View-Model:
  2. Layout And DataSource (Part 1):
  3. Layout And DataSource (Part 2):

Treat yourself to a day at the SPA!

Interested in seeing what Kendo UI can do for you and your project? Want to try out the latest and greatest in the Single Page Application structures that Kendo UI provides? Head over to the download page, and start working with Kendo UI today!

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