In my last post, I talked about storing user credentials from Everlive in localstorage. This gave me a nice way to keep a user logged in, between page refreshes. After having used this for a bit, I realized that I was adding new records to the local storage on every login. This was causing a problem because I wasn't getting the right credentials loaded all the time. Every time the wrong credentials were loaded, the app thought I was not logged in because the credentials were invalid. To fix this, I needed to fix my storage so that it always loaded a single record and saved that single record.

Creating The Single Record

The original method that I posted in the previous post works well for creating a record in the datasource.

  storeCredentials: function(creds){

    // wrap the credentials in an observable
    var credentials = kendo.observable(creds);

    // set and store the credentials
    this.set("credentials", credentials);

Every time the storeCredentials method is called, a new record is stored for the credentials. But this isn't enough. The code needs to be able to re-use the same record when one already exists.

Reloading The Existing Record

To load the existing record and re-use it, I need to do a couple of things:

  1. Have the datasource read the underlying data store
  2. Check for the existence of a credentials record

If I don't have a credentials record, go ahead and run the above code to add one. But if I do have a credentials record, update the record with the new credentials.

  storeCredentials: function(creds){
    // read the data to see if there's a record;
    var oldCreds = this.dataSource.view()[0];

    // see if we have a valid record
    if (oldCreds && oldCreds.get("Id")){
      // update the old record
      oldCreds.set("access_token", creds.access_token);
      oldCreds.set("principle_id", creds.principle_id);
      oldCreds.set("token_type", creds.token_type);
    } else {
      // no record found, so create a new one
      this.set("credentials", creds);

    // ensure the data (new or updated) is persisted

Now when I call the storeCredentials method, the existing credentials record will be used if there is one. If there isn't one, a new one will be created.

About the Author

Derick Bailey

About the Author
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