One of the new features coming up in Q1 2012 for the RadEditor control is a new drop-down tool called "Format sets". We hope that this new editor command will make styling your content faster and easier. In its essence, the format sets drop-down combines the features of two existing editor tools - the paragraph styles and the apply CSS class and adds a new way to apply formatting to content.

Format Sets drop-down

 The new tool will help you immensely if your site has a lot of CSS styles and it takes a long time to find the right one each time. It features three sets (groups) - Element, Inline, and Block. The Element set is contextual - what you see there will depend on the currently selected element in the editor. In the screenshot above an image is selected, so the Element set shows image related formatting. If the currently selected element has no formatting defined, the tool will show element formatting for the closest ancestor element of the currently selected one that has a defined set. For example selecting text in a table cell will show the table cell formatting options. The Inline formatting set will show options very similar to the ones you have in the Apply CSS class drop-down. Finally, the Block format set will show options the same as the Paragraph styles tool.

You can define what is shown in the new drop-down from three different places - from the editor tools file (ToolsFile.xml), from the editor declaration (.aspx or .ascx file), and from code (C#,VB). For more information about the Format Sets drop-down, visit our online documentation at Format Sets help

An online demo is also available right now, where you can see the new editor functionality in action. Download the Q1 2012 beta or head over to our demo server

Telerik ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2012 Beta is here

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