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Kendo UI: Build that app, slay that dragon

Building applications often feels like an epic quest, with devious dragons and perilous pitfalls waiting around every corner.     

The recently released 2017 Stack Overflow Developer Survey unearthed a ton of intriguing information about the developer community. The Kendo UI team, influenced by the heroic origins of our JavaScript UI library’s brand name, saw these results through our own prism: all evidence suggests that being a developer is like being the brave hero on a daring quest!

Developers need to work fast, yet quality should not be compromised either. Your work provides a backbone for multiple industries or vertically supports other teams inside your organization, so it is highly visible. You need to learn quickly and efficiently as ecosystems keep changing while tools and methodologies multiply.

We approached our designers with this idea and they created an infographic illustrating the quest—and how we join forces to slay the dragon:

Kendo UI: Building Apps is a Quest

The compromise between speed and quality is a fact of life for all professions and developers seem to be making their peace with it. As per the Stack Overflow survey, 60.2% of developers agree (to a lesser or higher degree) with the statement “Ship It! (We Can Optimize Later).” They must be familiar with the deadline dragon.

Still, a beautiful end result and stakeholder satisfaction remains a focus. In a survey of 181 Kendo UI customers we conducted a few months ago, 47% of respondents said creating a sleek UI is their main challenge when building JavaScript and HTML5 apps. Among the top three challenges, you’ll also find designing the app architecture (second) and building responsive apps for multiple devices and collecting all requirements (sharing the third place).

As for the trade-off between quality and speed, there are some things you can do to boost both: find a good partner. There are many reasons to choose Kendo UI and our developer community is among the most convincing ones. Of developers surveyed, 72% agree that customers and other stakeholders react positively to UI created with Kendo UI.

Not familiar with our UI tooling yet? Don’t worry, 62% of our customers were writing production-ready code with Kendo UI within a week. Now is as good a time as ever to start.

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Infographic design by Rositsa Raleva.

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