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    Reflections on the .NET world

    This could have been a blog post about the (almost) 9 year anniversary of .NET but the title is just a play of words. As pictures are worth a thousand words, I'll let the screenshots do the talking about a really cool feature that will ship in JustCode very soon. The “Decompile” command is available inside metadata .cs files and you can run it both for members: (the above command does this) and for entire types: Want to learn more? Keep an eye on the Telerik blogs and our Twitter feed in the upcoming weeks. We will be posting a lot of information. We will also offer FREE licenses...
    February 07, 2011
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    Silverlight vs HTML5 - WTF?

    It has been a wild weekend for sure. A slew of important announcements at PDC, sudden withdrawal of all Silverlight sessions, Bob Muglia’s statement about Microsoft’s change in plans, the uptake from journalists, the community uproar... A comedy of errors was unfolding in the technology space while I was happily spending my weekend enjoying my kid’s birthday and not thinking about dev platforms. So, I come in the office today and my inbox is blinking like crazy, mails from a ton of people from inside the company and out and the common question is – what are you/we doing with Silverlight?...
    November 03, 2010
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    Silverlight 4 memory leaks, Telerik controls and a solution

    As most of the people doing XAML development already know Silverlight 4 shipped at Mix 10 this year. This official release contained a lot of issues (memory leaks included) and it was a reasonable decision for Microsoft to postpone their GDR (general distribution release – the one that comes with Windows Update) version. A few weeks ago, Microsoft finally shipped the GDR. One of the things all developers hoped for was a resolution to the known memory leaks. The GDR did fix a lot of memory leaks, however, it did not address all of them and there are still some...
    September 27, 2010
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    Telerik Wins Microsoft Partner of the Year for Central and Eastern Europe

    I am proud to share that Telerik won the Microsoft Partner of the Year award for the CEE region in the ISV category with its Sitefinity ASP.NET CMS product. This award feels very special as we competed with hundreds of companies and some really great products in the ISV space. It's also coming for Sitefinity, a really great web CMS product that is powering the sites of many renown companies (just check out our gallery to browse the 1,000+ showcase items) but which had not won too many major awards so far, unlike Telerik developer tools products which have received hundreds of industry awards throughout the years. What...
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    Telerik wins “Best of TechEd” award in the “Components and Middleware” category

      Wow, this is a big achievement and we are extremely proud of it. This is perhaps the culmination, in terms of public recognition, of several years of intense R&D and the result of our “Best of breed” strategy. While many vendors focus on breadth, our goal has always been to be the leaders – from the smallest component to the complete experience of using a suite that spans over the whole .NET stack. Thanks to all customers for the endless support and patience. We couldn’t have done it without you. As usual, we can only promise that this award will not...