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    Riding waves

    While I typically refer to our journey of the last 8 years or so as a roller-coaster ride, another analogy is better suited: that of surfing. The waves of opportunity keep coming in one after the other and we, as one of the surfers, are enjoying them. Surfing and business, like everything else, starts with many difficult and painful moments. In the beginning, you barely hang yourself on the board, you fall off too often, you hit yourself. After a lot of practice and perseverance, you start riding small waves. And then you constantly go for bigger and bigger ones....
    April 12, 2010
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    2009 in review

    When you don't blog regularly, one of the biggest challenges is to find a good topic. With Twitter around, it becomes even more complicated for the people that are not regular bloggers. While I was waiting for something interesting to pop-up as a topic, 2009 almost passed and it gave me the needed opportunity. It feels as if I blinked and it's Christmas Season again.   Before I move on with my overview, on behalf of everyone at Telerik, I would like to wish you and your families a better 2010 – stay healthy, happy and lucky. Thank you for being a part of the...
    December 22, 2009
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    Telerik, Oslo and “RAD Make My Application" button

    I always joke to our team that our tools need to be so easy that Zarko (Co-CEO of Telerik) and I can build an application by pressing the “RAD Make My Application" button. A while ago some of you also voiced the need to have “RadDoEverythingForMeForTheRestOfMyLife”. While we are hard at work to provide more and more value with every release for all of our current product lines (and the new ones in development), we are always on the lookout for tools and technologies that would help us deliver the “RAD Make My Application Button”. The good news is that we, and...
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    Why doesn’t Telerik offer phone/IM support?

    Telerik is well known for the high quality of its support organization and customers are overall quite happy from our responsiveness and helpfulness. Nonetheless, from time to time we’d get inquiries why we are not offering phone support, chat or GoToMeeting as part of our regular support services. After answering several inquiries over the last few months, I decided to blog about it and let everyone know why technical phone support is not offered (at least at present). I’d first like to make a distinction – there is a huge difference between general/pre-sales phone/IM support and technical IM/phone support. We do offer...
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    Come see us at TechEd 2009

    If you are attending TechEd, be sure to say “hi” to the members of the team who will be there. Todd Anglin, our head of Developer Evangelism, will be running Birds of Feather sessions on building great web applications: Stephen Forte, our Chief Strategy Officer, will try to break his personal record of 10 TechEd sessions by doing 11 (you read it right - eleven!) talks this time. Here's his schedule:,guid,d1e24c20-eff1-48e4-a0e8-7dbad80994f8.aspx If you try to locate the Telerik booth, you'll notice that there isn't one this year. Unlike many others, we choose not to send marketing and sales people to trade shows....