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    Silverlight is dead. F****** dead

    Or maybe it isn’t that dead? OK…you expected me to say that, and you’re thinking, “this guy is just trying to sell me Silverlight tools and save his business.” I will not argue…you’re almost right. There’s one small correction to be made - we are not trying to save our business. :) Rather, we are hard at work on all fronts, be it HTML5 or Win8, so it doesn’t make a difference for us what technology you’ll ultimately choose as we have all bases covered. As I’ve said many times, use whatever makes most sense for your business. That said, I...
    September 22, 2011
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    The countdown to BUILD!

    Next week is the much-anticipated BUILD developer conference about the future of development on the Windows platform, and the public unveiling of Windows 8. Microsoft says that Windows 95 changed the PC and Windows 8 will “change everything.” Clearly, the hyperbole and hype are already running high. The conference has been under such secrecy that we have been told all phone conversations at Microsoft are being recorded to prevent leaks. Something big is going to happen and Telerik is excited to be part of it. We will have a big crew attending the event eager to watch the events...
    September 08, 2011
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    Making the world a better place. One task at a time.

    Yesterday I read an excellent blog post by Chris Dixon:   It reminded me of something I am seeing too often when I talk to people, especially younger guys who want to be entrepreneurs. I get the feeling that they put a value only on big ideas, big discoveries, big success stories. Everyone wants to change the world and if they can’t, it is seen as a massive failure. People want to be like Steve Jobs – wake up, imagine something, make it a smashing success and change the lives of billions of people. I might be wrong, but I don’t think...
    August 31, 2011
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    Our Strategy Has NOT Shifted – Telerik, HTML5 and Silverlight

    Todd Anglin from our team posted a great blog entry yesterday. In it, he provides some interesting examination and commentary on Microsoft’s vision of the web, the birth of XAML technologies and the evolution of MS’s view on what the development experience for the web should be. Some of Todd’s main points are that  We should not be terribly surprised by Microsoft’s swings in direction.  The swings are driven by competitive pressure.  HTML5+JS+CSS3 is a viable application development stack.  You need good tooling for that (and he makes a gentle Kendo plug). The blog also received a number of interesting comments that made me think Todd was being...
    August 12, 2011
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    Telerik in numbers

    Telerik has been in business for 9 years. During that time, we have made over 200 releases, with more than 400 service packs. We release internal bits every week and most teams do a daily build. Today, our portfolio consists of 4 Product Groups and over 20 different individual products. Telerik maintains in TFS a code base of more than 10,000,000 lines of code which is covered by over 350,000 unit and integration tests. For key products we have 80-90% test coverage. We test our different products on over 300 virtual machines running on large IBM servers. To guarantee we don’t lose important information we...