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Next week is the much-anticipated BUILD developer conference about the future of development on the Windows platform, and the public unveiling of Windows 8. Microsoft says that Windows 95 changed the PC and Windows 8 will “change everything.” Clearly, the hyperbole and hype are already running high.

The conference has been under such secrecy that we have been told all phone conversations at Microsoft are being recorded to prevent leaks. Something big is going to happen and Telerik is excited to be part of it. We will have a big crew attending the event eager to watch the events unfold.

We hope you were lucky enough to get a ticket before the event sold-out, and we hope to see you there. We will be sponsoring BUILD events all week including: 

  • The un-official BUILD Pre-con on Monday delivered by Billy Hollis
  • Telerik Lamborghini rides on Monday night and Tuesday morning
  • BUILD Blogger Bash on Wednesday
  • The official GeekFest Attendee party on Thursday night
  • And more☺

BUILD will have a small expo hall, but we have decided not to participate. BUILD is Microsoft’s week to shine and share some major announcements about the future of Windows development. The information Microsoft will share is so important that we want developers to focus on the core Microsoft message during the BUILD week without distraction. There is plenty of time after the BUILD week to talk Telerik.

Trust us. It’s going to be a big week

We are also sending to BUILD an army of developers, team leads, and senior management, not an army of marketing people. These technical and Telerik experts will attend the conference and watch the sessions alongside the community, mingling with the audience and getting real-time reactions to the BUILD news in “hallway conversations.” Telerik is already well prepared for what BUILD will reveal, but we’re eager to see how the community at responds to the news.

Our staff will also be tweeting and blogging about the sessions, bringing the conversation to the entire .NET community- even if you can’t be in Anaheim! You should follow our team on Twitter to stay connected! Alternatively, feel free to pull one of the guys in a Telerik green shirt and chit-chat.☺

As a close Microsoft partner, we have been working hard all summer getting our tools Windows 8 ready. We have some exciting new announcements about our Windows 8 support in the HTML5 and XAML space, so stay tuned.

Finally, in a few weeks, we will be hosting a post-BUILD webinar/panel where we will help people better understand Telerik's product strategy (related to BUILD) after you’ve had time to fully-digest the core BUILD announcements. Stay tuned for a link to register.

Happy //build/-ing next week everyone!

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