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    Telerik OpenAccess ORM licensing and pricing

    Immediately after word got out that we acquired Vanatec, customers started asking us what are our plans for the tool, how much it is going to cost and whether they would get it for free or they would have to upgrade. While we will be releasing information about our future plans for OpenAccess and will publish the ORM roadmap in the weeks to come, I wanted to make a quick note about licensing. The good news for customers with an all-inclusive subscription is that they will get the tool free of charge, as well as any updates that are out during their subscription....
    October 15, 2008
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    We're [Feed]burning - update your RSS readers

    Last week we decided to start syndicating via Feedburner in order to better track the readership of the Telerik Blogs. The updated URL of the main feed is
    October 07, 2008
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    A new product from Telerik?! Oh, what could it be?

    We'll be releasing officially a very exciting new product in Q3 2008. The game is on - would be fun to see your comments. If you provide a correct answer, you will get a cool Telerik T-shirt:)
    August 07, 2008
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    Telerik Reporting courseware available for free download

    Our friends at Falafel did it again - they created an amazing step-by-step guide for Telerik Reporting customers. The extensive document will walk you through the product, highlight its capabilities and provide in-depth information about databinding, styling, expressions, sorting, filtering, design-time and much more. Coming to nearly 200 pages, the courseware comes with a lot of code snippets that will show you the true power of our report generator engine. The courseware is available for free download at Enjoy! And keep the feedback...
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    Stephen Forte goes to US Congress

    Yesterday was a big day – Stephen Forte, our Chief Strategy Officer, was in the US Congress! Besides talking about Telerik, our quest for global software domination and the Bulgarian-American friendship, Stephen was there to comment on a very important and pending issue: should US government modernize its systems and ensure that heaps of historic information are not just stored but are also accessible. In essence, Stephen urged them to move away from mainframes so that they can start using our tools:) Here’s what Stephen and the others had to say in the discussion (article from Washington Internet Daily): Government Urged to...