Immediately after word got out that we acquired Vanatec, customers started asking us what are our plans for the tool, how much it is going to cost and whether they would get it for free or they would have to upgrade.

While we will be releasing information about our future plans for OpenAccess and will publish the ORM roadmap in the weeks to come, I wanted to make a quick note about licensing. The good news for customers with an all-inclusive subscription is that they will get the tool free of charge, as well as any updates that are out during their subscription. The even better news is that we will not be raising the prices of the all-inclusive license due to the ORM addition and you will not be “forced" to renew at a higher price when your subscription expires.

The Telerik OpenAccess ORM will also be offered separately for $399 per developer seat. The subscription license will run at $599 and just like the subscriptions for the UI controls will come with a full year of updates and source code.

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Vassil Terziev

As Chief Innovation Officer at Progress, Vassil Terziev is responsible for identifying growth strategies and new market opportunities, as well as promoting internal innovation.


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