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    Silverlight DragDrop Hello (Real) World Application

    A Most Interesting Hello (Real) World Application Sometimes you can get away with a small application to show off some features. But dragging rectangles around is just not enough. You need a TreeView, you need a GridView, ListBox and a good user feedback. Why not place everything in a Docking Control? Some examples of DragDrop can be a bit unrealistic. You do not always have your elements defined in XAML. You cannot always have a reference to the containers you want to drag/drop. So we need to go a bit more real-world. What I tried to do is create a simple application that...
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    Localization for RadControls for Silverlight and WPF

    As we are continuously working on the localization of all our controls, we'd like to share how the localization is actually progressing at our side. With the RadControls for Silverlight Q1 2009 SP1 we introduced the LocalizationManager. Actually we have used it to localize the RadUpload control for Silverlight. Now we have four more controls localized right from the box: RadTreeView, RadMediaPlayer, RadColorSelector and RadColorPicker. In the attached example you can see them localized. Another control to be localized soon is the RadGridView control. The LocalizationManager allows you to easily localize any of our controls. In addition, we followed the practice to share the same code across Silverlight...
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    RadControls for Silverlight 3 now available

    Silverlight 3 Beta for developers was unveiled at MIX09 last week. We created a separate build of Telerik RadControls for Silverlight3. Download the bits here (it is available in your account under Downloads > RadControls for Silverlight > Latest Internal Builds). There are no new features to the controls, only that they are compiled against the Silverlight 3 runtime. You can download the controls now and enjoy the latest features added to the Microsoft Silverlight3 platform. Please note that Silverlight3 is a developer beta release only! This means there is no “go-live” licensing available and the end-user runtime of Silverlight 3 is not available. If you have any feedback on what you would like...
    March 27, 2009
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    MIX09: Silverlight 3 Beta for Developers is here!

    It is official - the next version of Silverlight has been previewed today at, the sponsored from Telerik conference, MIX09 and is available for download now.    Silverlight just got better - major updates to the runtimes are: offline support validation framework page navigation framework ( much like our own Telerik RadPageNavigation framework) .NET RIA services framework GPU hardware  3D, GPU acceleration, Animations SaveFileDialog Assembly caching Tools - Blend3 + VisualStudio Tools for Silverlight3 So far the best overview is provided by Tim Heuer - check his blog post about more details on what's new: If you are not lucky to be part of MIX09 you can watch the keynotes and the sessions live here: To get...
    March 18, 2009
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    RadControls for Silverlight Q1'09: Theming

    Q1'09 was a huge release for the Telerik Silverlight controls - the Docking, GridView, Chart, MaskedTextBox, Toolbar, and ColorPicker controls are now official. We also shipped the first CTP of the rich text editor for Silverlight - RadEditor. If you missed - we also redesigned our demos application. Not only we shipped all these new controls, but we also spent a lot of efforts to ensure that our themes are with top quality. For all the controls we shipped 3 themes - Vista, Office and Summer. We made the needed adjustments to ensure that they are editable in the latest version of Blend - Blend2SP1. Along with these changes we added styles...
    March 17, 2009