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    WinForms Q2’12 SP2 Brings New Enhancements with Better VS 2012 UX in Mind

    Just one month after the official release of Visual Studio 2012, I am proud to announce the immediate availability of RadControls for WinForms Q2 2012 SP2 release that is built with better Visual Studio 2012 user experience in mind. Back then on Aug 15, Q2 2012 SP1 of RadControls for WinForms provided support for Visual Studio 2012 from day one, but this new version brings further improvements to achieve full compliance (adhering to both functional and to the UX guidelines) with Visual Studio 2012. Today is a great day for Visual Studio 2012 as well as the official launch day of Microsoft...
    September 13, 2012
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    Pick & Read with Bookshelf – Our New Modern Style App created with WinForms

    The fast approaching Microsoft’s much-anticipated launch of Windows 8 caused quite a stir in creating Modern UI style applications these days. That’s why we decided to present you Bookshelf - our new demo app created with RadControls for Winforms. This is a Modern UI style application coming with full touch support using the irreplaceable Windows Forms technology. Please welcome the Bookshelf demo application: The application downloads all the book details' data utilizing an Ebay web service and then displays all titles as tiles sorted in different categories with the help of RadPanorama. All screens have touch scrolling functionality that comes out of...
    September 06, 2012
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    Get a sneak peek at our Q3’12 WinForms Planning

    The second major installment of RadControls for WinForms in 2012 brought to life three new controls to the suite; it boasted a fine-tuned theming mechanism and introduced various accessibility tweaks making it even easier for you to deliver your apps’ experience to visually impaired people. It is now time to look towards the next major release, expected in mid-October.   Let’s take a look at the highlights of Q3 2012 Roadmap for WinForms: RadPivotGrid (Beta). Being a CTP in Q2 2012 SP1, RadPivotGrid will be further improved to reach the Beta phase in Q3. The features that you can currently use –...
    August 20, 2012
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    Telerik WinForms are Now Visual Studio 2012 RTM Ready!

    Visual Studio 2012 Visual Studio 2012 RTM is already a fact! We waited for it in great anticipation, just like you probably did. If you were with us in the recent years, you may have noticed that we always strive to ride the wave of the latest technologies, providing to you top-notch solutions on which you can rely for your applications. With the release of Visual Studio 2012 the situation is no different. I am proud to announce the full compatibility between the official version of Visual Studio 2012 and the RadControls for WinForms suite from day one. Toolbox, design-time support, form...
    August 15, 2012
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    RadControls for WinForms Q2 2012 SP1 is Out Featuring PivotGrid CTP

    Just a few weeks after our successful Q2 2012 release which introduced the highly anticipated RadAutoCompleteBox and RadChartView, it is time for a service pack. RadControls for WinForms Service Pack 1 is out and available for download. As always, we packed the latest update with a bunch of hot fixes and improvements throughout the whole suite. However, this time there is some exciting news! With this service pack, I would like to officially introduce the first public version of RadPivotGrid for WinForms! This early version comes in the form of Community Technology Preview and supports all the basic features – grouping,...