The fast approaching Microsoft’s much-anticipated launch of Windows 8 caused quite a stir in creating Modern UI style applications these days. That’s why we decided to present you Bookshelf - our new demo app created with RadControls for Winforms. This is a Modern UI style application coming with full touch support using the irreplaceable Windows Forms technology. Please welcome the Bookshelf demo application:

Bookshelf main screen

The application downloads all the book details' data utilizing an Ebay web service and then displays all titles as tiles sorted in different categories with the help of RadPanorama. All screens have touch scrolling functionality that comes out of the box with this Windows 8 inspired control. 

Touch gestures like zoom in and zoom out allows for navigating between the screens. For example, you can start with the “Particular Category” screen and then intuitively zoom out by pinching in with your thumb and pointer fingers to go to the “All Categories - Overview” screen which will reveal a list of all categories easily created by using the RadListView component.

Bookshelf main screen

After exploring all the categories, perform a zoom-in gesture on the “All Categories - Overview” screen to quickly navigate to the “All Categories - Books” screen:

Bookshelf main screen

We just wanted to show you how easily we implemented this behavior utilizing the built-in multi-touch support feature in RadListView. Below follows the code:
void radListView1_ZoomGesture(object sender, ZoomGestureEventArgs e)
     if (CurrentScreen == PageID.AllCategoriesZoomedOut && e.ZoomFactor > 1)
          CurrentScreen = PageID.AllCategories;

The greatest benefit of this exercise is that besides the Modern UI look and feel that you can achieve with no effort, your applications created with RadControls for WinForms will run flawlessly on a Windows 8 machine from the moment you build them. So why don’t you take a closer look at the application now? Find it in the Integration section of the demos coming with the RadControls for WinForms suite and pick a read to relax with.

Download RadControls for WinForms by Telerik

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