The second major installment of RadControls for WinForms in 2012 brought to life three new controls to the suite; it boasted a fine-tuned theming mechanism and introduced various accessibility tweaks making it even easier for you to deliver your apps’ experience to visually impaired people. It is now time to look towards the next major release, expected in mid-October.  

Let’s take a look at the highlights of Q3 2012 Roadmap for WinForms:

  • RadPivotGrid (Beta). Being a CTP in Q2 2012 SP1, RadPivotGrid will be further improved to reach the Beta phase in Q3. The features that you can currently use – grouping, sorting, reporting filtering, aggregates and field list – will be complemented by group filtering, printing, many fixes and stability. 
  • The Coded UI Test Support of the WinForms suite will get the complete set of all four Coded UI Test levels. In addition to currently supported Recording and Playback, and Rich Property Validation features, you will get Code Generation and Intent Aware Actions that will allow you to build strong and safe applications. 
  • You will be able to literally put your hands on the recently introduced RadChartView with the help of the built-in touch support that we are going to bring for it. Moreover, you will get a bunch of financial chart types at your fingertips, obligatory for every stock-trading application. Finally, your charts will become even easier to digest thanks to the built-in legends support
  • In a world of touch devices you will surely want to make the user-experience of your touch-enabled applications better. We wanted to gear you up for the new era of touch by introducing a new ready to use Metro Touch theme which will solve the issues that your end-users may experience with the small size of some elements. 

For more information, explore our Q3 2012 Roadmap for WinForms.  Meanwhile, bring RadControls into the latest version of your favourite IDE and play with various Windows 8 UI-like themes and touch gestures. Our suite has been ready from day one

Happy coding!

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