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    11 Awesome Features of RadPivotGrid for WinForms

    The beta version of RadPivotGrid for WinForms is out, stacked and packed with a bunch of useful features you shouldn’t miss. Although there is still some time to go for the official release, the range of functionality available in beta phase, can help you achieve many of your pivotal scenarios with ease and we encourage you to give it a try. Below follows a list of RadPivotGrid’s features you get “out of the box”: Advanced design-time Property Builder PivotFieldList Filtering Layouts Totals Position Aggregates Position ScreenTips Range Grouping Cell Formatting Printing Support Integration with RadChartView
    December 10, 2012
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    Gain powerful data analysis and enriched charts with Telerik’s WinForms Q3 2012

    The third major release of RadControls for WinForms for 2012 features a brand-new control that adds advanced data analysis capabilities to your applications and enriched chart control enabling you to easily deliver real-time actionable insights to your end-users. You also get many new features that provide you with an easy path to Visual Studio 2012 productivity with Telerik’s WinForms. We also packed all levels of coded UI test support, including code generation and intent aware actions to help you build strong and safe applications more quickly. Continue reading through the highlights below to take a glimpse into the latest additions...
    October 19, 2012
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    Build stronger applications with Coded UI Tests for WinForms. Today.

    Out of question, high quality is top priority for each and every software product on the market. Microsoft knows that well and that’s why with the introduction of Visual Studio 2010 they unveiled their own test automation solution called Coded UI Tests. We plugged Telerik’s WinForms into this test automation ecosystem by introducing MSAA support for the whole suite which allowed for integration with the first level of Coded UI Tests. We did not stop there, however, and I am glad to inform you that as of Q3 2012 RadControls for WinForms suite will introduce full support for Coded UI Tests...
    October 12, 2012
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    Energize your Financial Apps with ChartView for WinForms. Multi-touch Charts Coming Up with Q3 2012

    Financial Charts Do you develop financial applications for WinForms? Do they need a visual boost in terms of financial charts and indicators? If the answers to these two questions are ‘yes’, then you will be definitely eager to meet the improvements in RadChartView coming in the soon-to-be-released Q3 2012. For this release we developed two types of financial series – Candlestick series and OHLC stick series. In addition, to aid the raw stick data, we have added a bunch of financial indicators that will allow end-users to easily visualize the trends exactly the way they want. Touch Support The next feature in the...
    October 11, 2012
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    Pivotize your data with Telerik’s PivotGrid for WinForms

    Our Q3 2012 release is coming closer and closer and I was eager to share that we have prepared a new pack of fresh enhancements that will energize your Windows Forms applications. In this blog, which is the first from a set of upcoming articles, I’d like to give you a glimpse of the major features that you will find in the Q3 2012 installment. The top highlight of this release is RadPivotGrid (Beta) for WinForms. Initially introduced as a CTP in Q2 2012 SP1, RadPivotGrid became much more powerful in terms of stability and set of features. The previously available...
    October 09, 2012