The third major release of RadControls for WinForms for 2012 features a brand-new control that adds advanced data analysis capabilities to your applications and enriched chart control enabling you to easily deliver real-time actionable insights to your end-users. You also get many new features that provide you with an easy path to Visual Studio 2012 productivity with Telerik’s WinForms. We also packed all levels of coded UI test support, including code generation and intent aware actions to help you build strong and safe applications more quickly. Continue reading through the highlights below to take a glimpse into the latest additions to the suite:

New RadPivotGrid Beta

The top highlight of this release is the new RadPivotGrid control for WinForms. Initially introduced as a CTP in Q2 2012 SP1, RadPivotGrid became much more powerful in terms of stability and set of features. The previously available grouping, sorting, report filtering, aggregates, pivot field list, summary rows/columns, are now complemented by group filtering, extended printing capabilities, integration with RadChartView, and a bunch of field list improvements. You are now able to take your business intelligence applications to the next level and grant your users full control over their data management helping them easily design reports that deliver timely business insights in a human readable manner. Read a more detailed blog post.

PivotGrid <p><img alt=

Financial Chart Types for RadChartView

Obligatory for every stock-trading application, financial chart types found their place in the recently introduced RadChartView control. With this release we shipped two types of financial series – Candlestick series and OHLC stick series. In addition, to aid the raw stick data, we added a bunch of financial indicators that allow end-users to easily visualize the trends in exactly the way that they want. 

ChartView Financial series

Touch Gestures for RadChartView

You are now literally able to put your fingers on the RadChartView and interact with it, benefitting from the touch support that we brought here. With the help of newly implemented touch gestures support - zoom in/out, scrolling and rotation you can highly improve the usability of your dashboard applications on touch devices.

ChartView Rotate Gesture

Title and Legends for RadChartView

Q3 2012 makes your charts easier to digest thanks to the new built-in title and legends support. The new features now come with RadChartView out-of-the-box.

ChartView Legends

Design-time Wizard for RadChartView

Except of recharging your applications and user experience with greatly enhanced charts, this version also improves the way you set up a RadChartView as it now reduces the development time to a minimum. With the brand-new design time wizard you can get your RadChartView up and running in almost no time.

ChartView Design-time Wizard

Read more for all-new enhancements loaded in RadChartView Q3 2012 version.

All Levels of Coded UI Test Support

RadControls for WinForms Q3 2012 introduces full support for Coded UI Tests implementing all four Coded UI Test levels. These enhancements are available not only in Visual Studio 2010, but also in the new Visual Studio 2012. In addition to the spy recognition and (Level 1) you are now able to discover and evaluate RadControls-specific properties with ease and also to record and playback tests with the newly discovered elements (Level 2). Moreover, in case your test is more complex and requires some additional coding, a specific set of the RadControls API will be at your disposal (Level 3). Last, but not least, a set of Intent Aware Actions (Level 4) allows for smarter tests that not just record mouse clicks with a set of points on the screen, but also understand what you are really trying to do. Utilizing the new code generation capabilities and intent aware actions you can build strong and safe applications quickly and easily. And here is our dedicated blog post introducing the extended coded UI test support.

Coded UI Tests support

Full Visual Studio 2012 Compliance

This release brings full compliance with Visual Studio 2012 adhering to both functional and to the UX guidelines. Here is what our VS 2012 support provides out-of-the-box:
  • Design-time support
  • Property Builders meet Visual Studio 2012 UX Guidelines
  • Form templates
  • Project templates
  • Toolbox icons
  • Visual Studio Extensions

As you may always expect from your favorite WinForms toolbox, it was made ready for Visual Studio 2012 at the very launch date of the new IDE.

VisualStudio 2012 Dark Theme
Visual Studio 2012 RTM and RadDock Advanced Layout Designer in their Dark theme

Check out the entire release notes to see the full list of enhancements. You're going to want to get your hands dirty once you get RadControls for WinForms Q3 2012 loaded up, but first make sure to clear time for the Release Webinar Week.  It's coming up on 10/22 to give you everything you need to make the most of all the great new features packed in your favourite Telerik tools. Don’t miss to sign up for the free webinars. See you there.

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