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Out of question, high quality is top priority for each and every software product on the market. Microsoft knows that well and that’s why with the introduction of Visual Studio 2010 they unveiled their own test automation solution called Coded UI Tests. We plugged Telerik’s WinForms into this test automation ecosystem by introducing MSAA support for the whole suite which allowed for integration with the first level of Coded UI Tests.

We did not stop there, however, and I am glad to inform you that as of Q3 2012 RadControls for WinForms suite will introduce full support for Coded UI Tests implementing all four Coded UI Test levels! These enhancements will be available not only in Visual Studio 2010, but in the brand new Visual Studio 2012 as well. So, in addition to the spy recognition and (Level 1) now you will be able to discover and evaluate RadControls-specific properties with ease, and also to record and playback tests with the newly discovered elements (Level 2): 

Coded UI Tests support Moreover, in case your test is more complex and requires some additional coding, a specific set of the RadControls API will be at your availability, for example we can select a ListItem like this (Level 3):
uIListItem11ListItem.Selected = true;

Last, but not least, we all want smarter tests that not just record Mouse clicks with a set of points on the screen, but also understand what we are really trying to do, right? This will be possible thanks to the set of Intent Aware Actions (Level 4) that we implemented in the suite. So now clicking in a RadListControl aiming to select an item at the bottom of the list will not result in this code:
Mouse.Click(uIListItem5ListItem, new Point(12, 56));

but in this much smarter line:
uIListItem5ListItem.Selected = this.SelectionTestParams.UIListItem5ListItemSelected;

The implementation of Level 4 also allows for greater flexibility as your tests will not break if you decide to change the position of the RadListControl later as the test scenario evolves.

Q3 2012 is jut around the corner. Stay tuned!

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