R1 2020 Telerik and Kendo UI release

What's New

What’s New in the R1 2020 Release

Telerik UI for Blazor – The Fastest Growing Native Component Suite introduces new controls, viewer for Reporting and much more!

R1 2020 Release Overview

The R1 2020 release is here! You will be always fully equipped to build stellar UI in your .NET and JavaScript apps with the latest and greatest components and tools for web, mobile and desktop development, delivered with the Telerik R1 2020 release! 

If you are an existing Telerik customer, dig right into the release by logging into your account and downloading the latest bits. To access the latest Angular, React and Vue functionality, install the respective packages from npm. Or, if you haven’t recently checked out our products, we’d appreciate if you gave them another try and let us know how you like them or what we need to improve.  

Learn all about the latest improvements in depth by signing up for the Telerik and Kendo UI R1’20 Release Webinars. 



Kendo UI

  • Angular Updates in R1 2020
  • React Updates in R1 2020
  • jQuery Updates in R1 2020
  • Vue Updates in R1 2020
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New Grid Feature: Row Virtualization

Telerik UI for Blazor

  • New Grid feature: Row Virtualization
  • Accessibility and Keyboard Navigation
  • Localization and Globalization
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RITM0063832_.NET Core 3.1 Preview Banner update-01

Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core

  • Official Support for .NET Core 3.1
  • New Control: FileManager
  • New Control: Breadcrumb
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New Control Multiselect 370x200

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX

  • New Control: Multiselect
  • Documentation Improvements
  • Knowledge Base Articles for the Top 10 Components in Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX 
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New component Badge ASP.NET MVC

Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC

  • File Manager component for ASP.NET MVC
  • Breadcrumb component for ASP.NET MVC
  • Badge component for ASP.NET MVC
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Telerik UI for PHP

  • Merge Table, Format Painter in the Editor for Telerik UI for PHP
  • New File Manager Component for Telerik UI for PHP
  • New Breadcrumb Component for Telerik UI for PHP
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Telerik UI for JSP

  • New Badge Component for Telerik UI for JSP
  • Event Auto-Sizing in the Scheduler for Telerik UI for JSP
  • Built-in Search Panel in the TreeList for Telerik UI for JSP
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Telerik UI for Xamarin - Picker Components

Telerik UI for Xamarin

  • Picker Components
  • Calendar AgendaView
  • SpreadProcessing Support for Xamarin
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Telerik UI for WPF - .NET Core Design Time Support

Telerik UI for WPF

  • Task Board Control
  • SplashScreen Control and Visual Studio Templates
  • AgendaView mode in RadScheduleView
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Telerik UI for WinForms - Virtual Keyboard control

Telerik UI for WinForms

  • Virtual Keyboard
  • SyntaxEditor
  • File Dialogs Support for System Custom Places
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Silverlight Agenda View mode

Telerik UI for Silverlight

  • Schedule View: Agenda View mode for Silverlight
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uwp 370x200

Telerik UI for UWP

  • Dynamic Property Data Source
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Reporting and QA

Test Studio Reports Small

Telerik Test Studio

  • Web Components Support
  • Web Reports in the Executive Dashboard
  • Microsoft Edge Chromium Support
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Improved web-based report designer

Telerik Reporting

  • Improved Web-based Report Designer
  • Crystal Report Converter V.2
  • New Report Viewer Control for Blazor
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Data related tools in the web-based report designer

Telerik Report Server

  • Data-related Tools in the Web-based Report Designer
  • Convenient Dedicated Editors in the Web-based Report Designer
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JustMock Azure Pipeline Task Supports .NET Core Tests

Telerik JustMock

  • JustMock Azure Pipeline Task Supports .NET Core Tests
  • JustMock is Now Integrated with VS Code Coverage for .NET Core
  • Implement ArrangeSet and AssertSet Methods for MockingContainer
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Release History

R3 2019

Market-First Telerik UI for Blazor with 25 Native Components, Support for Angular 8 & Latest .NET Core & Much More!

R2 2019

Telerik UI for Blazor, VS 2019 and .NET Core 3.0 Support and Hundreds of New Controls and Features

R1 2019

VS 2019 Preview and .NET Core 3.0 Support, UI for Blazor preview, 50 New Controls and 300+ new features

Detailed Release Notes List for past 15 years

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