Kendo UI R1 2020
Release Webinars

Kendo UI Is the One JavaScript UI Library You Need!
Get Ahead with New Components and Richer Functionality Across
Angular, React, Vue and jQuery.

Think about all the work you get done with your Kendo UI toolkit. If it seems like a lot, wait until you see what we’ve packed in our first release for the new decade!

If there’s functionality you’ve been anticipating, read on to see what’s coming – as always, we make sure our priorities align with yours by working on the most requested components and features first!

Want to know more? Join the release webinar for the JavaScript flavor you’re working with where we’ll go over all the new features in this release, look at the roadmap for 2020, and answer your questions live!

In these 4 webinars on Thursday, January 23, we’ll dive into:

SESSION 1 - 11:00 AM ET
Kendo UI for Angular

  • New Component: Checkbox
  • New Component: Radio Button
  • New Component: Chips
  • New Component: Card
  • New Component: File Select
  • New Component: Floating Label
  • TreeView Enhancements: Drag & Drop Nodes
  • Grid Enhancements: Column Virtualization, Performance Improvements
  • Editor Enhancements: Keyboard Navigation, Accessibility
  • Upload Enhancements: Support for Chunking
  • New Sample App: Financial Dashboard App

SESSION 2 - 11:30 AM ET

  • New Component: Form
  • New Component: Drawer
  • New Component: Card
  • New Component: Checkbox
  • New Component: Avatar
  • New Component: Filter
  • DataTools Package Enhancements
  • Scheduler Enhancements: Keyboard Navigation, Custom Rendering, Accessibility Compliance TreeList Enhancements: Column Virtualization, Frozen Columns, Resize Columns, Reorder Columns, Multi-column Headers
  • NumericTextBox Enhancements

SESSION 3 - 12:00 PM ET
Kendo UI for jQuery

  • New Component: Breadcrumb
  • New Component: Badge
  • New Component: File Manager
  • Grid Enhancements: Column Virtualization
  • TreeList Enhancements: Search Panel
  • Editor Enhancements: Merge Table Tool, Format Painter Tool
  • Scheduler Enhancements: Auto-sizing of Events
  • Filter Enhancements: Custom Filter Function, Custom Operators per Field and Format Expression Preview
  • Timeline Enhancements: Shared DataSource Support
  • New Sample App: Financial Dashboard App

SESSION 4 - 12:30 PM ET
Kendo UI for Vue

  • New Component: Input
  • New Component: NumericTextBox
  • New Component: DropDownList
  • New Component: Dialog

Pick the session you'd like to attend and mark your calendar for the Kendo UI R1 Webinars - January 23, 2020 11:00 AM ET - 01:00 PM ET

*Regardless of which event you sign up to attend, you will be able to log in and watch the other sessions too.

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