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Improved Web-based Report Designer

With R1 2020 we continue the development of the newly released Web-Based Report Designer in Telerik Reporting. It enables developers to bring report editing functionality to their end users right from their web applications.

Many aspects have been improved including the introduction of SQL DataSource wizard and user-friendly table/crosstab initial setup panes. For the full list of improvements please refer to the corresponding Release Notes.

Improved web-based report designer

Crystal Report Converter V.2

If you experience difficulties with your Crystal Reports and want to move to another reporting solution, now you can make it easier. With R1 2020 Telerik Reporting becomes the best Crystal Reports alternative with newly released converter. In versions prior to the last release in September 2019, the Telerik Crystal Reports Converter was distributed in two versions – one for Crystal Reports 2008 SP7 (assembly version 10.2.3600.0) or later, and another for Crystal Reports Visual Studio 2010 (assembly version 13.0.2000.0) or later. The Telerik Crystal Reports Converter introduced in R1 2020 release is built against Crystal Reports and the converter for earlier major versions of Crystal Reports is deprecated. The newer version of Crystal reports assemblies provides access to more classes and properties that can be converted to Telerik Reporting items.


Crystal Report Converter V2

New Report Viewer Control for Blazor

With R1 2020, Telerik Reporting introduces a new report viewer for Blazor wrapping the flexible HTML5/JS web report viewer that will ensure fast and easy preview of reports directly into a Blazor application. With this new addition any web developer will be empowered to:

  • Add reporting functionality to the application built with Blazor using a dedicated Blazor component
  • Style the viewer using our flexible Kendo UI themes to match the look of the Blazor application

New report viewer control in Blazor

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