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Web-based Report Designer Control

This first *preview* release of a web-based Report Designer widget allows editing of declarative report definitions. It features a WYSIWYG design surface with mouse and keyboard item selection, move and resize. New items may be added using a convenient Toolbox area. The designer exposes the properties of the selected items in user-friendly property editors customized for all different property types. The Report Explorer area allows easy navigation in the report structure and provides additional modification abilities. These functionalities make the designer stand out from our previously available design tooling.

Web-based Report Designer Control

Flexible Parameters and Document Map Areas Positioning

All HTML5-based web report viewers now have the ability to easily change the location of the Parameters area and the Document Map area so that it can match your UX preferences. By default, the Parameters area is located on the right. Now you can also place it to the left, top, or bottom. When it comes to the Document Map area – now it can be placed on the right side of the report as well.

Flexible Parameters and Document Map Areas Positioning

Optimized Performance of Data Source Component

The Telerik Reporting Data Source components allow you to connect report items (Report, Table/Crosstab/List and Chart) to different types of data sources such as databases or middle-tier business objects, without requiring code. Now, we’ve optimized the performance of Data Source component to expand the use of data by caching and reusing all shared data sources in the report boundaries. 

Optimized Performance of Data Source Component

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