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PDF Documents Accessibility

PDF is the most used export format in Telerik Reporting. In our second release of 2019, we’ve enabled exported report documents to cover all applicable accessibility standards. This new feature contributes to our goal to make Telerik Reporting fully accessible to a wider audience, including users with monitor control restrictions who may need to work with assertive technologies. This improvement is especially important for organizations who broadly use this format like banks, government institutions and big enterprises, where accessibility support is a must. 

PDF Documents Accessibility

JSON DataSource Component

With the previous addition of the WebServiceDataSource, one could easily request JSON data from a web service. After we gathered enough feedback, we now enable offline feeding of the report with data in JSON format – both as inline string or from the file system. This adds another option of self-containing report definition that does not have external dependencies and can be easily shared for report preview and export.

JSON DataSource Component

WPF & WinForms Report Viewers for .NET Core 3.0

Following the trending technologies in the Microsoft stack, we’ve enabled the WPF and WinForms report viewers to support the up-and-coming .NET Core 3.0, which will add support for Microsoft’s desktop technologies when officially released. With this and the .NET Core 3.0 support for Progress Telerik UI for WinForms and WPF control suites, we enable our users to create fully featured .NET Core desktop applications.

WPF & WinForms Report Viewers for .NET Core 3.0

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