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Report Rendering Runtime Targeting .NET Core 2.0+

With R1 2019, we’ve enabled our report rendering engine along with the reports web service to be available for deployment on console and web applications targeting .NET Core framework, versions 2.0 and higher. The deployment target can be both Windows and Linux OS. With this valuable addition, Telerik Reporting becomes available to a wider developer audience targeting yet another operating system. 

Telerik Reporting

Declarative Report Definitions Localization

In our first release of 2019, we’ve enhanced declarative report definitions (TRDP) to support localization like typed report definitions, so that one report definition can serve multilingual end users. Besides the labels, one can localize report items position and size, allowing substantial differences for different languages.

Telerik Reporting

Improved Web Viewers User Experience

With the first release for 2019, we’ve improved report pages navigation by introducing continuous scroll through pages. This effect is a wonderful dynamic replacement for pagination buttons where the user doesn’t need to wait for a page refresh. All content is loaded dynamically and appended into the page area. Additionally, we added viewer options controlling the parameters inputs, enabling search in the list of available parameter values while saving display real estate.

Telerik Reporting

Telerik Reporting

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