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Web Service Data Source Component

Currently, our customers are using custom data retrieval to utilize web services data. At the same time, web services are turning out to be the de facto standard for data access. With R2 2018, we've provided built-in declarative way to utilize such data sources. The Web Service Data Source component will make it much easier to access them and will not require additional development work. 

web service data source component in Reporting

Digital Signing of PDF Documents

The reports created with Telerik Reporting can be exported to more than 15 formats including the most used PDF files. With the newly added digital signing for the PDF rendering, developers will be able to prove the origin of the produced documents while their recipients will rest assured the PDF files have not been tampered on the way.  

digital signing of PDF documents in Reporting

We've improved the end user experience in our report viewers, adding a search dialog that allows to find a word or text in the rendered report contents. The dialog offers various options like case matching, whole word search and regular expressions usage. While browsing the search results, the report viewer responds by navigating to the selected result and highlighting the rest. The search process runs asynchronously so the report viewer functionality remains intact.

report document search in Reporting

Runtime Components NuGet Packages

Now, all report viewers along with the report generation engine and the report generation services can be referenced from the Telerik NuGet feed .
This will allow easier sharing of the reporting runtime libraries among your team and easier product upgrades of the reporting implementation into your project.

Page Breaks in Table Item

In the reporting world, tables are crucial part of the report layout. With this feature, which is also called soft page breaks, developers will be able to precisely specify how the tables are dispersed across the report pages. 

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