As of yesterday Q1 2014 SP1 for UI for WPF and UI for Silverlight are available for download. You will find all enhancements and fixes in the detailed lists for WPF and Silverlight. Here I’ll list only a fraction to play with your interest:

  • RadPivotGrid to sort dates defined in OLAP Cube as dates, not as strings.
  • CalculatedItem's Totals are shown as Error when there is more than one GroupDescription.
  • Add support to RadPivotGrid for ordering of data as it is stored (SortOrder.None option).
  • Add option in the UI to select OlapGroupComparer for OLAP providers.
  • Exposed Field.EvaluationContext property which allows obtaining main document when field is in header/footer.
  • Execute MoveSelectionCommand when moving FloatingImageBlock.
  • Format shape dialog.
  • Introduced properties to hide sheet selector and new sheet button.
Spreadsheet & SpreadProcessing (only in WPF)
  • PrintArea and PageBreaks translation on row/column inserted/removed.
  • Included RelativeToOriginalPictureSize and LockAspectRatio properties for shapes.
  • Enhanced worksheet Protection to support Format Cells, Format Rows and Format Columns protection options.
WordsProcessing (only in WPF)
  • Adding linked styles evaluation.
  • Introduced Auto themable color value.

I hope you will find the new additions useful. You can download the bits for WPF and Silverlight and give them a try. You can check our WPF and Silverlight demos and share your thoughts on our Ideas & Feedback portal.

About the Author

Hristo Maradjiev

Product Manager,
Telerik XAML Team

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