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  • Web jQuery

    Using jQuery to customize RadScheduler

    Telerik RadControls' for ASP.NET AJAX rendering is quite jQuery friendly. This is because almost all important html elements are tagged by a css class and therefore can be easily accessed using jQuery. In this blog post I have collected various cases from our forums and ticketing system on using jQuery to customize RadScheduler.  Special thanks to all customers or visitors who raised those questions. Q:  “I have a scheduler in timeline view showing six weeks of information.  Is it possible to change the header row background for the first two weeks?” A: The first step in finding a solution is to examine...
    July 14, 2009
  • Web jQuery

    Chainability (The Magic of jQuery)

    This article is taken from How jQuery Works.   jQuery uses an interesting concept called a "Builder" to make its code short and simple. The Builder pattern is an object-oriented programming design pattern that has been gaining popularity. In a nutshell: Every method within jQuery returns the query object itself, allowing you to 'chain' upon it, for example: $("a") .filter(".clickme") .click(function(){ alert("You are now leaving the site."); }) .end() .filter(".hideme") .click(function(){ $(this).hide(); ...
    February 06, 2009
  • Web jQuery

    Telerik RadGrid client-side data-binding using jQuery

    Instead of traditional ASP.NET AJAX approach for "Exposing Web Services to Client Script" you can use jQuery and JSON2 JavaScript libraries to achieve the same very easily. Using this simple method you can call any page method in ASP.NET Page or WebService method: function executeMethod(location, methodName, methodArguments, onSuccess, onFail) {     $.ajax({         type: "POST",         url: location + "/" + methodName,         data: methodArguments,         contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",         dataType: "json",         success: onSuccess,         fail: onFail     }); }   Here is an example also how to use JSON2 JavaScript library to serialize any JavaScript object to string: function getRequestData(tableView) {     return JSON.stringify({...
    October 09, 2008
  • Web jQuery

    How To: Animate RadGrid headers using jQuery

    Yesterday I saw this and I really liked the script. The idea is to animate backgroundPosition CSS property for desired HTML element and I have created small example how to do the same for RadGrid column headers: Enjoy! [Download]...
    September 26, 2008