Were you among the hundreds that joined us yesterday for the Chrome Packaged Apps webcast?

If yes, thanks for joining! We hope you learned something and enjoyed the demos presented by Paul Kinlan (@Paul_Kinlan) and Burke Holland (@burkeholland).

If no, don’t worry! We recorded the entire event and it is now available on YouTube. For background, yesterday Kendo UI and Google joined forces to co-present a webcast focused on building Chrome Packaged Apps with Kendo UI. Google Developer Advocate Paul Kinlan provided an essential introduction to Packaged Apps, and Kendo UI Developer Advocate Burke Holland followed to show you how to begin building your first Packaged App using Kendo UI. It’s everything you need to go from Chrome Packaged Apps n00b to hax0r in 60 minutes.

You can watch the complete event on Kendo UI’s YouTube channel now (or watch the embedded video below).

If you want even more Package App info, don’t miss the new dedicated page on KendoUI.com (kendoui.com/chrome) designed especially for Chrome Packaged App developers (or those interested in the new platform). And if you’re still wondering what’s the big deal about Packaged Apps, be sure to read my recent post, “Desktop Apps: The Final Frontier for HTML5.” Hopefully that will help.

Chromebook Winners

Of course, I know many of you are interested in seeing if you won one of the 10 Samsung Chromebooks we gave away yesterday as part of the webcast. We announced the winners on Twitter, but here again is the full winner list:

  1. Robert Leicht
  2. Dave Verschleiser
  3. Thomas Loach
  4. Rasto Beno
  5. Yosef Kramer
  6. David Preseault
  7. Andrew Ross
  8. Pierre Asselin
  9. Paul Scivetti
  10. Chris Vaughn

Congrats to the luck winners! You should be getting an email directly soon to help you claim your prize.

Thanks again to everyone for participating in this event, and stay tuned for more great Chrome Packaged App events in 2013!

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Todd Anglin

Todd Anglin is Vice President of Product at Progress. Todd is responsible for leading the teams at Progress focused on NativeScript, a modern cross-platform solution for building native mobile apps with JavaScript. Todd is an author and frequent speaker on web and mobile app development. Follow Todd @toddanglin for his latest writings and industry insights.

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