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We haven’t spoken in a while, and that was for good reason. After the release of an unfortunate photo intended for my personal use (ahem), I decided to take a serious look at myself. Sure I was agile, buff and always responsive, but could I be more? Had I lost my edge?

Rather than go into hiding, I took a journey of discovery. Times of change call for reflection: am I the best I can be? Can I be better? Are my skills being utilized to their fullest? For years, my Kendoka spirit radiated for the benefit of all—to serve others and help them excel. It was finally time to lay low, re-energize and refresh…channel forces into creating a new “me.”

Hey, don’t judge! Everyone can do with an update, but sometimes you need more than a nip and tuck. So, I sweated it out with a trainer—thank you Burke—cleansed my body and soul, and topped-off my chi.

Now, I’m back and raring to go. I’m in the best shape of my life. Soon you’ll see me stronger, faster and more active, making me a better ambassador for all things Telerik Kendo UI. Plus, my physique has better lines and richer color—totally aligned with today’s Telerik. I’ve heard you missed me, but not as much as I missed you!

It's good to be back.



About the author 

The Kendoka has been with Telerik since 2011, serving as the brand ambassador for Telerik Kendo UI tools. With a loyal following around the world, the Kendoka is universally known for embodying the ninja developer spirit, demonstrating honor, confidence and superior performance—as well as a mischief streak that keeps everyone on their toes!


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