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Q2 2014 SP1 for UI for WPF and UI for Silverlight are available for download. Here is a list of the more significant enhancements:

All Controls

  • We introduced an AutomationManager which gives control over the Automation Peers behavior. The disabling and enabling of Automation peers is done through the AutomationMode property. It is an enumeration located in the Telerik.Wondows.Automation.Peers namespace. It exposes the following values:
    • Disabled – this option will disable creating of automation peers of Telerik controls as well as all controls inside them;
    • FrameworkOnly – this option will include only the base methods of automation peers of MS classes;
    • (WPF only) Basic – this option will create only the automation peers needed for the level 1 of CodedUI;
    • Advanced – this option includes all automation peers. This is the default value;


  • Introduced cancel editing support of properties added through ICustomTypeDescriptor.


  • Implemented new RangeSplineSeries displaying a range of data by plotting two values per data point.


  • Introduced InsertParagraph() method in RadRichTextBox and RadDocumentEditor which breaks the current line.
  • Introduced InsertLine(string) method in RadRichTextBox and RadDocumetnEditor which inserts the passed text and breaks the current line.
  • Introduced Tag property in the SpanProperties class. It is a general purpose string property that can be used to store application specific information.


  • Improved the performance of csv and txt files import.
  • Improved the performance of spreadsheet history.
  • Improved the scrolling performance.
  • Enabled filtering of hyperlinks and merged cells.
  • Enabled sorting of hyperlinks.
  • Enabled insert cells/rows/columns when the worksheet contains filtered or sorted range of cells.
  • Implemented option for export with different encodings in DelimitedFormatProviderBase.


  • Introduced Editor Attribute - RadPropertyGrid now provides support for the new Telerik attribute EditorAttribute that enables the user to define an editor for each property directly in its definition. EditorStyle – sets the style of the UI component used for hosting the custom editor. Its values can be:
    • DropDown - a drop down button which content is the custom editor to be displayed
    • Modal - a button that shows a modal dialog window with the custom editor inside
    • None (default value) – the editor will be placed directly in PropertyGridField and no special UI element will be used


  • OverlayStyle property now can be altered through the VisualStudio2013 palette.


  • CropTool - Introduced FixedSize, InitialSize and LockAspectRatio functionality. You can specify the initial size of the crop rectangle, lock aspect ratio or forbid resizing of the crop rectangle altogether.


  • Added disable state of minimized items for all themes.


  • Introduced support for different destination types as “Location”, “RectangleFit”, “PageFit”, “PageHorizontalFit”.


  • Implemented support for PNG and BMP image source type. You can insert PNG and BMP images in RadFixedDocument.


  • Improved the performance of csv and txt files import.
  • Implemented option for export with different encodings in DelimitedFormatProviderBase.


  • Introduced default value for Foreground for Windows8, Windows8Touch and VisualStudio2013 themes.
You can find a detailed list of all enhancements and fixes in the release notes for WPF and Silverlight.
Download the bits for WPF and Silverlight and give them a try. You can check our WPF and Silverlight demos and share your thoughts on our Ideas & Feedback portal.

Download a free trial of UI for WPF

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