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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight Q2 2014 SP1

July 29, 2014

All Controls

  • AutomationManager which gives control over the Automation Peers behavior. The disabling and enabling of Automation peers is done through the AutomationMode property. It is an enumeration located in the Telerik.Windows.Automation.Peers namespace. It exposes the following values:
    • Disabled - this option will disable creating of automation peers of Telerik controls;
    • FrameworkOnly - this option will include only the base methods of automation peers of MS classes;
    • Advanced - will create the full AutomationPeer implementation for Telerik UI controls.
  • RadioButton Undetermined state is missing in some themes.
  • PasswordBox and TextBox inconsistencies in height, padding, hover, etc. in all themes.
  • TextBox still has focus when IsReadOnly property is set to true in all themes.


  • SearchTextChanged is not fired when AutoCompleteBox is placed inside TabItem of TabControl.
  • The control is no longer focused after the SelectionChanged event is triggered by selection with the mouse.


  • OverlayStyle property now can be altered through the VisualStudio2013 palette.


  • When IsBackgroundVisible property is set to False at runtime, it doesn’t apply to RadToggleButton and RadRadioButton.
  • When IsBackgroundVisible property is set to False, the borders of checked ToggleButton and RadioButton disappear in Windows8Touch theme.
  • SplitButton throws a design time exception with implicit styles when Diagrams.Extensions.xaml is included.
  • When DropDownButton and SplitButton are open in VisualStudio2013 theme blue color variation, their border color should be in blue.


  • Implemented new RangeSplineSeries displaying a range of data by plotting two values per data point.
  • All labels of the LogarithmicAxis display 'zero' in scenarios with small values.
  • Axis title does not get positioned correctly unless the Title is set.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown after a series with Direct2D render settings is removed and then added back to the chart.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on updating data when the mouse is over chart's area and Trackball Info is visible.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when axes visibility is switched from Collapsed to Visible.
  • Track ball is not always updated when the ItemsSource is being updated asynchronously.
  • The axis labels are not resized when the LabelTemplate is changed at runtime.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when axes visibility is switched from Collapsed to Visible.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when changing themes runtime.
  • Axis Labels are positioned incorrectly when a LabelTemplate with a Border is used.
  • Old labels are not removed when the series' ItemsSource changes.


  • RecentColors section is not shown when the RecentColorsItemsSource is set.


  • NullReference exception is thrown when the theme is changed at runtime and the RadComboBox is open.
  • If IsEditable is set to true the SelectedItem is not updated when deleting the SelectedItem's text to match another existing item.
  • IsTabStop="False" set on the ComboBoxItems is ignored.
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown when changing themes using RadComboBox on touch device.
  • BorderBrush and BorderThickness are not applied in VisualStudio2013, Windows8 and Office2013 themes.


  • BrushCollection causes memory leak in StackedDataBar scenario.


  • Filter Criteria height is different depending on the editor type.


  • Introduced cancel support for ExpandoObject.
  • ValidationSummary horizontal scrollbar is not fully visible with large error content in Office2013Theme.
  • Memory leak in DataFormComboBoxField.
  • DataFormComboBoxField clears its selected value, when switching between data templates.
  • RadDataForm does not display auto generated bool properties when CurrentItem is set to ExpandoObject.
  • NullReferenceException in DataForm.AutoGeneratedFieldsPresenter.UpdateDataFieldBinding().
  • PropertyChanged is not called for a nullable property when DataForm is bound to DynamicObject.


  • AllowPaste property of the RadDiagram doesn't apply in MVVM scenario.
  • A connection can't be pasted in a diagram different than the original one.
  • Zooming scroll track in PrintPreview is thicker in VisualStudio 2013 theme.
  • Expand button in the PrintPreview's combobox look and feel improvement in VisualStudio 2013 theme.
  • Selected Color's vertical border from Settings Pane has bigger thickness in VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • Settings Pane’s Colors RadioButton has missing right border when it is toggled/hovered in VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • Setting DiagramBehaviors.TextWrapping property to something different than Wrap doesn't work.
  • PrintPreview and ZoomSlider backgrounds do not change in VisualStudio 2013 color variations.
  • Diagrams extensions overwrite default border of Buttons in the blue color variation of VisualStudio2013.


  • Dragging a pane with two nested dockings inside DocumentHost throws NullReference exception.
  • TabStripPlacement property is not persisted by the Save/LoadLayout functionality.


  • Expressions with a formula containing column's value when the column is bound to indexer property are not calculated.


  • Wrong tick containers using WeekDaysGenerator.


  • Windows8 and Windows8Touch themes don’t apply to Linear and Radial Gauge when set via StyleManager.


  • Introduced cancel editing support of properties added through ICustomTypeDescriptor.
  • FooterTextAlignment property does not affect group footer cells in Windows8 theme.
  • Expressions with a formula containing column's value when the column is bound to indexer property are not calculated.
  • StackOverflowException is thrown when performing sorting, filtering or grouping on GridView bound to DynamicObject.
  • Visible RowDetails get collapsed when maximizing/minimizing the window with GroupRenderMode Flat.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in TryGetGenericElementType method when RadGridView is in TabControl and you move to its containing TabItem.
  • Not all properties are transferred from CopyPropertiesFrom method.
  • Validation border of validated item is not fully visible in Windows8 theme.
  • Validation style is not correct in Windows8Touch theme with lightweight templates and validation enabled.
  • Pasting multiple values in GridViewComboBoxColumn which are not in its source, is not correct for more than one item.
  • When a row is invalid, SelectionUnit is Cell and lightweight templates are applied the cell content is not correctly aligned.
  • All types of editors jump into edit mode when lightweight templates are applied.
  • MouseOver effect of a row goes over selected and validated item when lightweight templates are applied.
  • An exception is thrown on working with FilteringControl of GridViewComboBoxColumn on touch monitor.
  • When exporting RadGridView.ToHtml() the Width of a column is not exported.


  • CropTool - Introduce FixedSize, InitialSize and LockAspectRatio functionality. You can specify the initial size of the crop rectangle, lock aspect ratio or forbid resizing of the crop rectangle altogether.


  • NullReferenceEexception is thrown when scrolling to out of boundary index.
  • BorderThickness is not applied in the definition of RadListBox in VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • DropVisual goes out of bounds if ScrollViewer.CanContentScroll=False.


  • Objects in InformationLayer aren't arranged correctly when another map is added to the layer.
  • TargetInvocationException is thrown when zooming and removing RadMap from visual tree.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when any item is removed from the Visualization layer while zooming.


  • NullReference exception is thrown when clicking on GridViewCell which has collapsed MaskedInput in its CellEditTemplate.
  • Setting AcceptReturn to True doesn't work in a MaskedTextInput when Mask is “l20".
  • Hitting dot or comma using the keyboard in Mac, doesn't move the cursor accordingly.
  • The minus key doesn't work on a Mac keyboard.


  • FontSize is not changed correctly when switching to Windows8Touch theme.


  • Added disable state of minimized items for in all themes.
  • The default color of ToggleButton in the area of minimized items is changed in Office2013 theme.


  • Support for PNG and BMP image source type. You can insert PNG and BMP images in RadFixedDocument.


  • Support for different destination types as “Location”, “RectangleFit”, “PageFit”, “PageHorizontalFit”.
  • Annotations and Destinations are not imported.
  • In some cases paths are not being rendered correctly.
  • The busy indicator never hides if the DocumentSource is set to null.
  • CurrentPage is null after the DocumentChanged event is fired.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in FocusManager when a text is selected and the theme is changed at runtime.
  • MemoryLeak with RadFocusManager.
  • Exception is thrown when missing color space.
  • Exception is thrown in FixedDocumentSinglePagePresenter when color space is not specified.
  • Incorrect import of text with Compact Font Format CID font.
  • PdfViewer crashes when unsupported image is imported in RadBook.


  • ProgressBar is not updated when IsIndeterminate property is changed from true to false.


  • Introduced Editor Attribute - RadPropertyGrid now provides support for the new Telerik attribute EditorAttribute that enables the user to define an editor for each property directly in its definition.
  • AutoBindBehavior throws an exception when bound to a read-only CustomTypeDescriptor.
  • CollectionEditor picker is taller than other inputs in all themes except VisualStudio2013.
  • Grouped PropertyGrid does not have a scrollbar when Windows8Touch or ExpressionDark theme is applied.
  • AutoBindBehavior exception when bound to a property without a setter.
  • CollectionEditorPicker's Height property is greater than the Height of other input controls.


  • Added RibbonWindow border for VisualStudio2013 and Office2013 themes.
  • A small popup appears when a compressed RadRibbonGallery is expanded.
  • RadRibbonComboBox Non-Editable template look and feel is improved
  • RibbonToggleButton's Foreground does not change in checked state in Windows8 and Expression_Dark themes.
  • Setting IsMinimized property to True in XAML leads to DesignTime exception.
  • RibbonGallery does not load its selected item into the ViewPort.
  • RibbonWindow buttons' styles updated for VisualStudio2013, Office2013, Windows8 and Windows8Touch.
  • Exception is thrown when switching to VisualStudio2013 theme.


  • Introduced InsertParagraph() method in RadRichTextBox and RadDocumentEditor which breaks the current line.
  • Introduced InsertLine(string) method in RadRichTextBox and RadDocumetnEditor which inserts the passed text and breaks the current line.
  • Introduced Tag property in the SpanProperties class. It is a general purpose string property that can be used to store application specific information.
  • Double clicking on footnote which is not on the first page of a document causes InvalidOperationException.
  • RadRichTextBox sometimes crashes in scenarios with lines with very large height and floating image blocks.
  • RichTextBoxCommands.ShowInsertTableOfContentsDialog property throws StackOverflowException.
  • Exception is thrown when typing in Marathi IME and then export document to XAML.
  • RadRichTextBox crashes when merging cells or deleting columns when there are rows with only row-spanned cells after the command.
  • Tables with Auto width are not imported correctly from docx.
  • DocxFormatProvider fails to import document with missing level text for list style.
  • HtmlFormatProvider can't export file with applied linked style over paragraph in list.
  • Exporting value different from 0-9 for outline level to docx format is preventing the document to be opened in MS Word 2013.
  • Deleting uncommitted IME text at the end of a page hangs or crashes the editor.
  • DocxFormatProvider exports wrong table width.
  • DocxFormatProvider throws exception when importing large documents from MemoryStream.
  • The performance of TableStylesGallery is improved.
  • Paragraph alignment is not always respected.
  • When only table rows are copied, some of the table properties are lost on paste.
  • Span is split incorrectly when Tag property is set.
  • Set numbering value of a custom list style resets starting value of all appearances of the list style in the document.
  • RadRichTextBox crashes when selecting document with lines with very small height.
  • Applying span properties for RightToLeft language text, swaps the spans order.


  • Margins are removed from AppointmentItemHorizontalControlTemplate in Office2013 theme.


  • DocumentProofingManager always returns only the first 256 incorrect words.


  • Improved the performance of csv and txt files import.
  • Improved the performance of spreadsheet history.
  • Improved the scrolling performance.
  • Enabled filtering of hyperlinks and merged cells.
  • Enabled sorting of hyperlinks.
  • Enabled insert cells / rows / columns when the worksheet contains filtered or sorted range of cells.
  • Implemented option for export with different encodings in DelimitedFormatProviderBase.
  • The TreeView in the FilterPopup does not present the values sorted alphabetically.
  • The TreeView in the FilterPopup does not treat whitespaces as Blanks.
  • Applying filter of a whole column causes the application to crash.
  • After applying filtering on a large document and undo/redo the layout doesn't update correctly.
  • When the cell index of a shape is in a row with automatic size, the size of the image is wrongly imported.
  • When text with horizontal alignment CenterContinuous is imported, it appears with left alignment.
  • Xlsx files that contain number formats with IDs of default formats cannot be imported.
  • Images that are not in the active worksheet are not imported correctly.
  • Protecting a worksheet disables the Undo button and the Ctrl + Z key binding. Protection should disable these only if the history stack is empty.
  • Selected rows/columns are not preserved but only the one where a right clicking is applied.
  • CellEditor is wrong size when the column is auto sized.
  • Insert and Delete commands of the SheetSelector do not work.
  • Inserting cells/rows/columns when there are values at the end of the worksheet causes data loss without prior warning.
  • Pasting a value when an entire column is selected throws OutOfMemoryException.
  • Overlapping text when exporting to PDF multiline wrapped text with bottom alignment.
  • When formula bar Visibility is set to Collapsed an exception is thrown.
  • Symbols between quotes in format strings are not interpreted literally.
  • Entering invalid/duplicated sheet name by changing the active sheet shows the error message twice.
  • Referring hyperlink to range of cells in other worksheet doesn't scroll to the referred cells.
  • Entering the value 12%3 in a cell results with the value 123%.
  • WokbookContentChanged event do not respect sheet and workbook name changes.
  • Freeze panes are not shown if the document is imported before RadSpreadsheet is loaded.
  • When replacing using wildcards, the current cell is also replaced even if it is empty.
  • SumIf function throws exception if any of its arguments are cell references that point outside the worksheet.


  • Improved the performance of csv and txt files import.
  • Implemented option for export with different encodings in DelimitedFormatProviderBase.
  • Overlapping text when exporting to PDF multiline wrapped text with bottom alignment.
  • Xlsx files that contain number formats with ID's of default formats cannot be imported.
  • Make the default value of WorkbookHistory.IsEnabled to false. Enable the history only in the context of RadSpreadsheet.


  • Item's Content Foreground is not visible in Office2013, ExpressionDark, WIndows8 and Windows8Touch themes.
  • TileViewItems' opacity is lost after a drag and drop operation.


  • SelectionVisibilityIndicator look and feel improvements in Windows8Touch theme.


  • Memory leak in TouchManager when control is nested in ContentControl.


  • TreeLines are broken when rows with various height are displayed.
  • When a row is invalid and SelectionUnit is Cell, the cell content is not correctly aligned.
  • All type of editors jumps into edit mode.
  • MouseOver effect of a row goes over selected and validated item.


  • The WatermarkContent is not hidden if the Text of RadWatermarkTextBox is changed while the control is Collapsed.


  • RadWindow's parent cannot be closed in some cases when RadAlert is used.
  • It is not possible to focus other element in the Closed event handler of the RadWindow.Confirm.

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