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  • Unfocused state for the selected GridViewRow - With Q2 2012 we have introduced a new Unfocused state for the selected GridViewRow. It will be shown when the GridView is out of focus. If you want to revert to the previous behavior you can check this help article.
  • RadTimeLine Selection - This help topic demonstrates how to make the timeline more interactive by adding a selection behavior.
Telerik team
 answered on 23 Feb 2018
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FYI (just getting the warning out)

NPAPI ("Netscape Plugin API") was disabled today with an update to Chrome v42.

To enable, follow this link in Chrome: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

*Click enable*

Close all instances of Chrome (tabs & windows) and restart Chrome. Chrome should continue to work with Silverlight until around September when NPAPI support will be removed. See link for more info:

Push users to IE or another browser or go full OOB to continue support. Hope this helps.

Good luck,


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 answered on 21 Apr 2015
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With our Q3 2014 release the Assembly Minifier tool became obsolete due to its many known limitations.  There are other approaches for minimizing your XAP which are much better and using such a tool is inconvenient. Please refer to this blog post to understand why we decided to discontinue the Minifier and learn more about the more convenient approaches that we suggest you implement instead.

In short we will no longer maintain, fix or improve the Minfier tool but it will still exist in its current location and users will still be able to use it as it is.
Telerik Admin
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 asked on 01 Dec 2014
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Telerik Assembly Minifier is a tool that lets you extract only the controls’ classes and resources you need to use in your application development, thus significantly reducing the size of the assemblies. Using the Assembly Minifier you will achieve significantly better loading time when the XAP files containing the minified (optimized) assemblies are to be loaded on the client side.

For more details, please visit the following blog post:
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 answered on 23 Jul 2013
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Since the Q3 2012 release we have identified a common scenario when Telerik Visual Studio extensions crash which leads to various problems when using any Telerik project template or wizard. The crash happens when you have multiple Telerik Visual Studio extensions with different versions (e.g. Q2 2012 SP2 and Q3 2012).

To resolve the issue you need to ensure that all Telerik Visual Studio extensions installed have the same version. If you are using Visual Studio 2010/2012 the easiest way is to upgrade all Telerik Visual Studio extensions to the latest version (which is the same) through the Visual Studio Extension Manager.

For Visual Studio 2008 you need to upgrade all Telerik products with Visual Studio extensions to the same version using the Telerik Trial Web Installer or the Telerik Control Panel.

We are currently resolving the issue on our side so that no crashes happen in future releases. Please excuse the inconvenience caused.

Kind regards,
Petar Raykov
The Telerik team

As some customers reported issues resulting in being unable to perform the above procedure or it not helping in all cases we created a very simple tool for cleaning all Telerik VS Extensions older than our latest version.

You can find the patch attached to this post. Make sure you do not have any running Visual Studio instances when you run the tool.

Note: Running the patch will resolve all version-conflict-related issues (including Visual Studio crashes outlined in this post), but will leave you without VSExtensions in case you have not installed our latest version. The easiest way to get those back is just getting the extensions once more through the Visual Studio Online Gallery.
Alan Mosley
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 answered on 19 Oct 2012
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We have identified several occurrences of multiple/duplicated ToolBox items existing in the Visual Studio Toolbox. Unfortunately these seem to stem from a glitch in Visual Studio, which was still not reproduced reliably so that we can fix it, or ask Microsoft for a fix.

Below are the different kinds of occurrences and their possible fixes:

    * Duplicate Toolbox items, remaining two entries per control:
          o this could be a result of having parallel RadControls installations, which is the correct behavior (Visual Studio 2008 only)
          o this could be the result of an improper deregistration of an older RadControls distribution, followed by the registration of the newer one. Usually either of the two approaches below helps fixing the problem:
                + Close Visual Studio instances, start Windows Explorer, navigate to %localappdata%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0 and delete the *.tbd files
                + Right-click the Toolbox inside Visual Studio and click Reset
    * Multiple entries per control, number increasing with each start of the IDE: this is the worst scenario we have come across. All the registry entries and files on the customer machine seemed fine in this case. The only fix we were able to apply was a complete uninstall of RadControls and Visual Studio 2010, followed by a clean install of the IDE and the RadControls.

Kind regards,
Erjan Gavalji
The Telerik team 
Chris Ward
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 answered on 18 May 2012
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As you might already know, starting Q3 2011 SP1 Telerik distribute Silverlight 5 assemblies as a hotfix.

RadControls for Silverlight 5 are fully supported in terms of Telerik Silverlight projects in Visual Studio too. The Silverlight5 binaries still aren't distributed through the automatic download of the VSExtensions though, for we want to stabilize all the workflow some more.

We are working on having this complete for the R1 2011 release.

In the meantime, to jump-start using the RadControls for Silverlight5 binaries inside your IDE, the task is as easy as:
  1. Download the hotfix zip to a preferred location on your machine
  2. Extract the archive to its own folder under %appdata%\Telerik\Updates
  3. Start Visual Studio and create a new Silverlight 5 project.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Erjan Gavalji
Telerik Admin
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 asked on 29 Dec 2011
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Hello everyone,

In the past months we created a few behaviors that should ease your life when developing drag-drop functionality in Telerik RadControls for Silverlight and WPF. We tried to cover the most common scenarios - drag-drop between controls, reorder items within a control, drag visual customization and data conversion. The behaviors were designed to work with the standard ListBox, RadScheduleView, RadTreeView and RadGridView.

The drag-drop behaviors are still work in progress and we could make small changes to the API, so will greatly appreciate if you try them and drop us a line about your experience. We will do our best to provide bugfixes as soon as possible, and also consider all feature requests that you send.

A few words about the behaviors: the main idea is to hide the drag-drop events usage and provide simple and clean API that allows you to easily manipulate the dragged data. You can find more information here and in the related articles:

An online demo demonstrating drag-drop between RadScheduleView and a standard ListBox can be found here:

Attached is a simple application that demonstrates the basic features of the GridView and the TreeView behaviors.

Valeri Hristov
Valeri Hristov
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 asked on 22 Nov 2011
8 answers

Hi everyone,

I am glad to announce the first public build of the upcoming RadDocking Q2 2011, which is intended to address the performance issues in the control under Windows XP and/or high resolutions (WPF). The changes we have made in both the Silverlight and the WPF versions are fairly large and we would like to get as much feedback as possible, so please try the attached assemblies and drop us a line. We are willing to fix all reported bugs by the upcoming official beta release next month and we will not hesitate to give you Telerik points.

What's changed:
- we replaced the base class of ToolWindow, so now the tool windows are not displayed in a large transparent window (the cause of the performance problems), but each of them has a small native window.
- we fixed a frequently reported memory leak.

What's new:
- the tool windows now support the Windows 7 gestures for maximize, minimize, etc.

What's comming up in the next pre-beta update:
- ActivePane
- fixes for a lot of bugs, logged in the PITS, so now is a good time to vote for them.

What does not work now:
- we are aware of several minor bugs and glitches, but please let us know if you find something, as we might have missed it.

The attached assemblies are built against Q1 2011 SP1, so you should be able to test the control in your existing application. We can provide assemblies built against the latest internal builds on demand.

Valeri Hristov
Miroslav Nedyalkov
Telerik team
 answered on 07 Sep 2011
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I have a minor problem with the RadNumericUpDown. Before the Q2-Update, the NumberFormatInfo-Property of the RadNumericUpDown was initialized and the following code run without problems...

myNumericSelector.NumberFormatInfo.NumberGroupSeparator = string.Empty;

After the Q2-Update the NumberFormatInfo-Property is null and our application crashed. It was easy to fix, but I am curious: was this change intentional and will the property be null in future versions?

Best regards,
Telerik team
 answered on 01 Aug 2011