It is high time again for announcing what’s new and hot in UI for WPF and UI for Silverlight components. Your guess is right–the first official release for 2015 is here. For Q1 2015, we prepared a great mix of new controls and exciting features for your WPF or Silverlight applications.

For those of you who have visited our Roadmap page, it won't be a surprise to hear about the announcement of a brand-new Wizard control in its Beta version. This is the component that will facilitate complex data entries by breaking them down into easy step-by-step UI for your end users:

I would like to announce the official versions of our RadialMenu and PdfProcessing. The RadialMenu will surprise you with polished example that shows how customizing capabilities enable a mobile look, even in a desktop application. The PdfProcessing will now offer PDF/A standard compliance and seamless integration with WordsProcessing for generating PDF files from DOCX/RTF/HTML documents.

With this release, we wanted to surprise you with a helpful addition to the Visual Studio experience while working with Telerik UI for WPF components. To ensure a faster start with Telerik components, we prepared three Visual Studio templates that mimic some of the most popular interfaces – MS Outlook, MS Word and MS Excel. We hope we have provided a jumpstart for your development or evaluation work. The templates can be found in the Telerik new project template under Telerik nods:

Depending on your choice, you can take advantage of the following UIs:

  • Outlook-inspired Visual Studio template:

  • Word-inspired Visual Studio template:

  • Excel-inspired Visual Studio template:

Of course, that's not all. Here are the most important additions to the feature set across our existing controls:

  • Dynamic Font Sizes and Dynamic Font Families: The Office 2013 and VisualStudio2013 themes now support Dynamic font sizes and Dynamic font families.

  • GridView integration with SpreadProcessing: The SpreadProcessing library now easily integrates with GridView with minimal effort.

  • WordsProcessing integration with PDFProcessing (WPF only): WordsProcessing and PDFProcessing for WPF now enable seamless conversion of simple DOCX/RTF/HTML documents to PDF.

  • ChartView; Bubble chart series: The Bubble chart is a scatter chart variation that adds the size of the bubble as additional dimension.

  • Spreadsheet Data Validation: A set of specified rules that determine whether a value entered in a cell is valid or invalid.

  • Selection Ranges UI in Spreadsheet: Enables the user to select ranges the names of that are included in the formula he or she is currently inputting.

  • ImageEditor: The Drawing option allows users to add sketches to any picture.

  • ComboBox: New options for customizing the filtering logic for an even better experience and more control over the business scenario of the application. An example of this highly requested feature can be found here.

I am sure that seeing is believing, so don't wait any longer. Download the bits for WPF and Silverlight and give them a try. Full release history is available here for WPF and here for Silvelight. Don't miss our WPF and Silverlight demos and let us know your thoughts on our Forums or Ideas and Feedback Portal.

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Hristo Maradjiev

Product Manager,
Telerik XAML Team

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