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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight Q1 2015

February 24, 2015

Wizard (NEW)

RadWizard control will help you differentiate a complex process into separate steps and provide your users with the ability to govern the process upon their decisions. It is useful for creating installation, registration and other types of wizards.

All Controls

  • Added support for dynamic FontSize/FontFamily resources for VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • Added support for dynamic FontSize/FontFamily resources for Office2013 theme.
  • Removed obsoleted RadRangeControl used for internal purpose only.
  • Removed obsoleted PickerTextBox used for internal purpose only. Use TextBox instead.


  • Added AutoCompleteBoxExtensions.IsTabStop attached property.
  • ValidationToolTip does not show in Windows8Touch Theme.


  • FontFamily and FontSize default values are changed to Calibri 12px in Office2013 theme.


  • There is no visual indication when disabled in VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • Persist the CurrentItem value during a dynamic theme change.


  • Exposed ContentMargin property of PathButton.
  • The DisabledChecked visual state is not applied to RadRadioButton and RadToggleButton after the theme is changed runtime.


  • Year and Decade buttons are not updated when using DayTemplateSelector and switching views.


  • Carousel does not expand with large font size values in all themes.


  • Ability to disable automatic step calculation when zooming in on a cartesian axis.
  • Added new Bubble Series type which adds the size of the bubble as additional dimension.
  • Enhanced cartesian chart trackball interactivity (stand-alone and syncing support).
  • Expose a Categories property in the CategoricalAxis which contains information about the categories in the axis.
  • An InvalidOperationException is thrown when adding elements to a chart during the ActualRangeChanged event.
  • Grid lines are not displayed when axis is collapsed.
  • Insert operation is not supported properly for chart series.
  • [Performance optimization] Optimized series creation when using SeriesProvider.
  • [Performance optimization] Series' label-template-selector executes the SelectTemplate method once per label while panning/zooming.


  • FontFamily and FontSize default values are changed to Calibri 15 px in Office2013 theme.


  • FontFamily and FontSize default values are changed to Calibri 13px in Office2013 theme.
  • Setting SelectedIndex or SelectedItem in MVVM scenarios does not update the UI.
  • There is no visual indication of selection when the SelectedColor is set to a color from Main, Header or Standard Palettes.


  • Added Custom filtering support.
  • Button inside of the SelectionBoxTemplate cannot be clicked in not editable ComboBox.


  • Support for disabling built-in navigation and controlling processing of handled events. Two properties are introduced DataFormCommandProvider.EnableBuiltInNavigation and DataFormCommandProvider .ShouldProcessHandledEvents.
  • RadDataForm cannot commit changes of nullable properties when AutoCommit is false.


  • Exception is thrown in VirtualQueryableCollectionView when reloading data from server.


  • Typing 215 is not parsed correctly when AllowParsingWithoutSeparator is enabled when InputMode is set to TimePicker.
  • An exception is thrown when using 24 hour ShortTimePattern and the entered time starts with 24.


  • Added theming support for Geometry buttons.
  • Implemented support for customization of RadDiagramConnection caps.
  • An exception is thrown on manipulation of floating connection placed in RadDiagramContainer when using InflatedRectRouter.
  • Changed the EndPoint and StartPoint properties of the RadDiagramConnection to be DependencyProperties.
  • Changing Start/EndPoint of connection in code doesn't work as expected.
  • CollapsibleContainer ToggleButton Path gets invisible in Checked State for VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • Connection’s Auto Connector is not respected when performing undo after a shape is deleted.
  • ConnectionManipulationCompleted event does not fire when a shape is rotated more than 45 degrees.
  • Connections with the same source and target connector are not drawn correctly.
  • ConnectionSerializationRoutedEventArgs of ConnectionDeserialized event does not contain the connection.
  • Containers are wrongly resized after drop operation when touch monitor is used.
  • ContainerShape resizes unexpectedly when several shapes are moved from it to other ContainerShape.
  • ContainerShape's toggle button visual improvements in Office2013 theme.
  • ContainerShape's FontSize in edit mode is not the same as in normal state in Windows8Touch theme.
  • ContextMenu on DiagramShape cannot be opened with tap and hold on touch device.
  • Deleting a shape's property using SettingsPane breaks the serialization.
  • Empty Spaces on connections appear when using ConnectionBridges.
  • FontSize of RadDiagramTextShape in edit mode is changed to 12px in WindowsTouch theme and 14px in Office2013 theme.
  • Foreground of the selected ToolBoxItem becomes white when themes variation is changed at runtime in VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • Improve the interaction performance in scenarios with Connection Bridges.
  • In SettingsPane the content in Connection Cap Type ComboBoxes is misplaced.
  • Incorrect multiselection geometry when adding connection points and then selecting all diagram items.
  • IsPanEnabled property is not respected when the diagram is panned with touch/pan gesture.
  • IsZoomEnabled property is not respected when the diagram is zoomed with touch/pinch gesture.
  • Moving a container with shapes and a connection into another container may throw an exception.
  • OrgTreeRouter leaks in memory.
  • RadToggleButton in collapsible panel is not touch-friendly in Windows8Touch theme.
  • Reflexive connections are not updated on shape move.
  • Security exception is thrown when the RadDiagram is in XAML Browser Application (XBAP).
  • SelectionAdorner does not show properly when connection's IsSelected is bound to Shape's IsSelected.
  • Setting IsConnectorsManipulationEnabled on a shape doesn't hide/show the Connectors.
  • SettingsPane's StrokeDashArray Combo is not updated correctly after save and load of diagram.
  • Sketchy shape doesn't stay sketchy when its geometry is changed.
  • The ConnectionBridge is not applied if the diagram is created in XAML.
  • The RadDiagramContainerShape size expands when a connection is added in its Items and then a connection point is added with Ctrl+Click.
  • The SelectAll command doesn't work in scenario with connections only.
  • ToolBox FontFamily and FontSize default values are changed to Calibri 15px in Office2013 theme.
  • Tree layout can throw a StackOverflow exception in scenario with deep hierarchies.
  • Unexpected behavior after user interactions in nested diagrams scenario.
  • Using TreeLayout causes a memory leak.
  • XamlParseException is thrown in Expression_Dark theme when using StyleManager.
  • Diagram now handles MouseLeftButtonDown and MouseLeftButtonUp events.


  • AutoHideArea's parent Window's SizeChanged, LocationChanged and Deactivated events are attached without detaching them first.


  • Support for OpenRiaServices.


  • The ToggleButton's path is not centered in Office2013 theme.


  • FontSize default value is changed from 11px to 15 px in Office2013 theme.


  • DPL Integration in RadGridView. RadGridView exposes 2 new methods - ExportToXlsx and ExportToPdf. Each of them has two overloads - with GridViewDocumentExportOptions as a second parameter.
  • Column groups are not correctly exported when there is GridViewToggleRowDetailsColumn/GridViewsSelectColumn.
  • Exporting RadGridView in ExcelML creates invalid output when a column's width is larger than 1340 px.
  • FrozenColumnSplitter is not visible when RowIndicatorVisibility is collapsed in Office2013 theme.
  • GridViewColumns' DataContext does not change when the DataContext of RadGridView changes at run-time.
  • Row blanks out when clearing filter descriptors while in edit mode.
  • Scrollbar appears when NewRowPosition is set to Bottom and there are rows only in the viewport.
  • Selecting cells from different column and copying them with headers copies all headers inbetween.
  • The behavior for pasting on invisible columns should depend on whether ClipboardPasteMode is set to SkipHiddenColumns or not.
  • The cache of the item peers is not refreshed on change of the items.
  • The custom set FilterOperator is not selected in the DropDown's content of FilterRow after ClearFilter option is applied.
  • Removed obsoleted class GridViewExportEventArgs and TextAlignment, VerticalAlignment, Background, Foreground, FontFamily, FontSize, FontWeight, Width, Height, Styles, Attributes properties from GridViewElementExportingEventArgs class.
  • Removed obsoleted property DefaultOperator of FilterOperatorsLoadingEventArgs.
  • Removed obsoleted property ParentGroupRow of GridViewGroupFooterRow.
  • Removed obsoleted property ShowInsertRow of RadGridView. Property NewRowPosition should be used instead.


  • The control is misplaced if it is inside a GridRow/Column and there is a browser zoom.


  • Introduced Draw tool which allows drawing with different colors over the image.
  • RadColorPickers in RadImageEditor are not localizable.
  • BmpDecoder: 32 bit Bitmaps (RGBA) are rendered incorrectly.
  • IsResetSettingsSupported property introduced to ITool interface.
  • All existing tools inherit the newly introduced ToolBase class which implements the ITool interface.


  • Added ListBoxSelectedItemsBehavior to support binding to the SelectedItems collection.
  • Using an attached property to populate the SelectedItems of the control initially selects only the first item.


  • ClusterGenerator's AutoExpandWhenSingle set to true is not respected when adding single item in the VisualizationLayer.
  • KMLReader throws argument exception if KML file contains Styles with equal ids.


  • Insertion issues after SelectAll when Mask starts with escaped alphabetic symbols.
  • MaskedInputExtensions.AllowNull = False works incorrectly after multiple times SelectAll + Delete - the Text property does not contain "0.00".
  • Paste is not successful when no-Mask (Mask="") and UpdateValueEvent is LostFocus.
  • FontFamily and FontSize default values are changed to Calibri 15px in Office2013 theme.


  • OverflowException is thrown when a huge number is entered and the HideTrailingZeros property is set.
  • The Value is changed twice after change of the theme and Up\Down arrow is pressed.


  • FontFamily and FontSize default values are changed to Calibri 15px in Office2013 theme.


  • Introduced support for generating PDF/A compliant PDF documents.
  • Added support for export of document info: Author, Title, etc.
  • Introduced PreferredWidth property for setting table cells width.
  • Introduced support for Lists.
  • Introduced LayoutType property in Table class.
  • Added InsertBlock method in RadFixedDocumentEditor that allows inserting custom implementation of IBlockElement interface while generating flow content.
  • Implemented support for adding hyperlinks with a destination through Block editor.
  • Block InsertText method overload does not respect its FontStyle and FontWeight arguments.
  • Splitting empty Block returns not empty Block.
  • When drawing element with and without clipping they are exported in wrong order.
  • When drawing nested tables the text in the inner table is drawn out of the table.
  • Merged cell's content overlaps the borders of a table that is split to two pages.
  • Encrypted documents could not be opened in Adobe Reader.
  • PdfReal values should not be exported in exponential format as it is not supported according to PDF specification.
  • RadFixedDocumentEditor's TableProperties are removed.


  • Provided ability to localize PercentComboBox dropdown values.
  • Importing destination pages which are referenced with page indexes results in page null exception.
  • Incorrect calculations lead to text elements rendering out of the page.


  • Added UI Dialog to change the Step of DoubleGroupDescription and QueryableDoubleGroupDescription at run time.


  • Support for disabling built-in navigation and controlling processing of handled events. Two properties are introduced PropertyGridCommandProvider.EnableBuiltInNavigation and PropertyGridCommandProvider.ShouldProcessHandledEvents.
  • ArgumentNullException in RadPropertyGrid.ScrollIntoViewAsync().
  • Binding to SelectedPropertyDefinition does not work.
  • Cannot set property definition into edit mode after changing the item.
  • GroupHeader of PropertyGridField does not expand with large font size values.
  • Sort button content is not fully visible when font size is bigger than default.
  • When an auto-generated property definition is replaced on the occurrence of the AutogeneratingPropertyDefinition event its IsAutogenerated property is set to false. It should be true instead.


  • Added Opening VisualState.
  • Added AnimationSpeedFactor property.
  • RadRadialMenu as context menu opens twice the first time when the StaysOpenOnShow is set to True.
  • PopupPlacement Mouse does not position correctly the RadRadialMenu as context menu.


  • FontFamily and FontSize default values are changed to Calibri 15px in Office2013 theme.


  • Allow the Backstage built-in ScrollViewer to be customized using the ScrollViewer attached properties.
  • Expose an IsActiveChanged event for the ContextualGroups.
  • Cannot define RibbonButton.HoverEvent event handler in code-behind.
  • DialogLauncherCommand is not executed when a KeyTip for the group's dialog launcher is used.
  • Empty space appears to the right side of a ContextualGroup when we have only one ContextualTab.
  • Exception is thrown by recursive call to Automation Peer API.
  • It is impossible to prevent the application menu from closing.
  • KeyTips are not displayed correctly when the RadRibbonView is Minimized and you show the KeyTips for the first time.
  • KeyTips are not displayed when KeyTipsService is activated at runtime.
  • Null reference exception is thrown when KeyTip is set on a Collapsed RibbonGroup.
  • Padding and MinHeight of RibbonComboBox are inconsistent with RadComboBox in all themes.
  • RadGallery - the ActivatePreview event does not fire when the gallery is databound.
  • Removed FontSize and FontFamily setters from Backstage as they inherit from RibbonView.
  • RibbonGroupDropDownButton's arrow is gray on MouseOver and Pressed visual states in Office2013 theme.
  • RibbonSplitButton arrow is gray and does not have border on MouseOver and Pressed visual states in Office2013 theme.
  • RibbonWindow Title is not vertically centered.
  • ScreenTip for the ApplicationButton is not shown correct.
  • RibbonComboBox's foreground is not black in Windows8, Windows8Touch and Office2013 themes.
  • The keyboard focus is traversed through the invisible element in the template of the RadRibbonTab.
  • RibbonGroups remain in collapsed state when the control is initially minimized.
  • RibbonTabStrip does not collapse when Application Button is Collapsed as well as the RibbonTabs.
  • The ScrollViewer in the content of selected tab appears when not needed.
  • When IsBackstageOpen is set to true RadRibbonView IsMinimizable buttons don't get activated.
  • When there is content at the bottom in the RadRibbonWindow it gets clipped.
  • Wrong tooltip behavior of scroll up/down buttons of RibbonGallery.


  • RTF format provider: Introduced support for omitted color definitions in color table.
  • Allow Table to be the first block in section or in table cell.
  • RTF import: Span style doesn't apply on a MailMerge field when it does not have a result fragment.
  • Export to RTF from web layout mode causes fields in headers/footers to lose their formatting.
  • RTF format provider: When exported PDF document is opened in Adobe Reader, unwanted save dialog is displayed when closing the document.
  • Incorrect measuring when TextOptions.TextFormattingMode="Display" attached property is set on RadRichTextBox or its TextBlocks.
  • RTF format provider: Copy-pasting IncludePictureField from Outlook breaks the field.
  • InsertImage() of RadDocumentEditor throws exception due to invalid size.
  • FloatingBlockPropertiesDialog has incorrect TextBlock alignment when the Texts are shorter.
  • Automatic spacing does not apply to paragraphs in lists.
  • Unexpected behavior of annotations ranges when only end of the annotation range pair is copied and pasted.
  • Copied section break is pasted incorrectly.
  • HTML list is not imported as list element when the value of list-style-type is not supported.
  • Highlight color is not applied on HTML import.
  • Setting value to the bound property of a DataProvider can fail silently.
  • Setting null value to numeric boxes in ParagraphPropertiesDialog can cause a crash.
  • The value of table height is applied over the table rows on Html import.
  • When Enter is pressed while typing the current span style is changed.
  • Incorrect import of HTML font-family style property when there is defined fallback font-family.
  • Section break is lost when copy-pasting content when the first element in the second section is Table.
  • Inserting line break symbol "В¬" or page break symbol "в—Љ" in the document results in inserting real breaks in the document.
  • Page view related classes are now obsolete: DocumentViewManager, RadDocumentBindingSource, DocumentPageItem, DocumentChangedEventArgs, RadRichTextPageView, RichTextPageViewPresenter.
  • Line break symbol “¬” and page break symbol “◊” are now imported as plain text symbols, instead of break elements.


  • When dragging an appointment in Windows8Touch theme the Start/End time tooltips go below the header.
  • ScheduleViewLocalizatonManager overrides the LocalizationManager.Manager property (this breaks custom localization managers).


  • FontFamily and FontSize default values are changed to Calibri 14px in Office2013 theme.


  • Introduced support for Grouping which allows creation of documents with grouped rows and columns.
  • Introduced support for Data Validation which allows restricting the type of data or the values that users enter into a cell.
  • AutoFit does not fit exactly to text when Normal style is modified.
  • When CanInsert() method is called with 0 as ItemsCount exception is thrown.
  • Cell value formats are not applied in CSV import.


  • Implemented filling formulas in the cell editor through the use of selection of cells and cell ranges.
  • Introduced support for Data Validation which allows restricting the type of data or the values that users enter into a cell.
  • RadSpreadsheet is unable to import documents that does not contain selection state.
  • Opening and closing dialog that contains RadSpreadsheet causes memory leak.
  • On changing the worksheet ActivePresenterChanged event is fired before ActiveSheetEditorChanged event.
  • Background should not be set through the theme palette in Windows8, Windows8Touch and Office2013 themes.
  • StyleGallery - PageUp, PageDown and PopupLaunch buttons arrows do not stretch to full size.
  • Inserting new column clears cells formatting.
  • AutoFit does not fit exactly to text when Normal style is modified.
  • Selecting row or column header when visible cells are restricted causes scroll to the end of the document.
  • When CanInsert() method is called with 0 as ItemsCount exception is thrown.
  • RadSpreadSheet throws exception when "Fill Effects" or "More Colors" dialogs are closed.
  • Cell value formats are not applied in CSV import.
  • Row height is not exported when the row is not part of the used cell range.
  • FormatShapesCultureHelper class may throw an exception when the culture set to the application doesn't have a valid name.
  • Hiding the rows and columns margins on ActiveWorksheetEditorChanged does not hide them the first time.
  • Sheet selector's scrolling button doesn't work if sheets order is changed.
  • When accounting number format is applied on a cell through the "$" ribbon button, part of the value gets hidden.
  • Spreadsheet is scrolling when there is a cell in edit mode and another cell is selected.
  • When a SheetTabItem does not fit in the SheetNameSelector, the spreadsheet crashes.
  • DocumentContentChanged event of the CellEditor is marked as obsolete.
  • Textbox no longer inherits CellEditorBase class.
  • Removed methods InsertText, SetText and ClearContent from the CellEditor class.
  • Removed CaretIndex property from the ICellEditor interface.
  • The TextChanged and SelectionChanged events of the ICellEditor interface are now of type EventHandler.


  • Provided a RadTabControl CustomRegionAdapter for Prism library.
  • FontFamily and FontSize default values are changed to Calibri 15px in Office2013 theme.
  • Prism View is incorrectly initialized when associated with a region.
  • Exception is thrown while scrolling the TabItems after Hyperlink inside the tab is clicked.
  • TabItems get unwanted background when setting Windows8 theme through StyleManager in XAML.


  • Implement IScrollProvider pattern for RadTileList.
  • SelectedItem is not cleared when groups are cleared.
  • Single tiles may take illegal place.
  • The Opacity of the Tile is set directly to 1 after dropping it no matter what its value had been before.
  • Tiles are not displayed if there is less space than necessary for one row.
  • Tiles DisplayIndex is not correct after reordering between groups.


  • InvalidOperationException in Expression_Dark theme on MouseOver and Pressed visual states.


  • A timeline item renders incorrectly when zooming into a level so that the width of that item becomes more than 30000 pixels.
  • Annotations are not positioned correctly when the vertical scrollbar is visible.
  • Improve the selection range performance when SelectionMode is set to Extended.
  • The theme foreground is not applied to the group header when the theme is set with StyleManager.


  • ArgumentNullException is thrown when it is hosted in Adorner.
  • The ToolTipContent is not displayed when it is bound to UI element's property with ElementName or with RelativeSource.


  • FontSize default value is changed to 15px in Office2013 theme.
  • ToolBar size is not correct when the Orientation is set to Vertical in Windows8Touch Theme.


  • Expand ToggleButton's background should be white and Path should be gray in normal state in Office2013 theme.
  • In drag drop scenarios the order of the dropped items is reversed.
  • In Extended SelectionMode dragging a single selected item while holding the Ctrl key will deselect the item.
  • The AutoScrollToSelectedItem property does not bring first level items selected in XAML.


  • No parameters are passed in the e.HandlerData. CustomData in the FileUploadFailedEventArgs of the FileUploadFailed event.


  • The Owner property is not respected when the Window should show in the same monitor as its Owner.

ZIP Library

  • The default constructor forces the ZipArchive to dispose the passed stream when it is already disposed.
  • ZipPackage is marked as Obsolete.

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