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Q1 2013 is live! Our latest and greatest XAML controls (WPF and Silverlight) are evolving rapidly but not just the binaries. Our commitment to "make the life of developers easier" has brought us the idea of creating fully developer oriented XAML Software Development Kit (SDK). This new support material is aiming at showing how to use our controls in the best and easiest way.

The XAML SDK is an easy-to-use infrastructure with developer focused examples for most of the Telerik WPF and Silverlight controls. So far it contains the staggering 569 individual runnable projects in Silverlight and WPF and unlike our online demo framework the SDK samples have no other libraries dependencies, which means that you can copy/paste any code fragments to your project and it will simply run! You can also expect that we will keep the samples updated and also provide many new ones with each release.

The Idea - public git repository

We created a public git repository called "xaml-sdk" that contains most of the examples for our controls. Every control has a folder full of examples samples and two solutions for WPF and Silverlight. Every sample has a readme.txt file that describes it in few sentences. The code is clean, neat and straight to the problem, without any styling and beatifying code. Basically every sample is showing how to solve a common problem using "that" control.

The Benefits

You can take a full advantage of the SDK by grabbing the git repository. There are plenty of benefits for you. Let me just share a few:

  • You can take advantage of all the git goodies:
  • Our examples/samples are now easier to discover on the github web site.
  • The samples will be always up-to-date. We will update them often. No need to wait for another Q to get the new stuff.
  • We'll often push new samples, so clone the rep. (git:// and stay tuned.
  • It's an open source project, so you can use the code the way you like.

How to use it

Using the XAML SDK is as easy as:

  1. Download and Install our latest controls.
  2. Clone or download the latest SDK samples.

Please note that if you don't want to install the controls, you may need to manually update the references of all the samples.
The XAML SDK is a long term project and we're very committed to it. We hope you'll grab the idea and take advantage of git and all the goodies it provides. 
Your feedback is very much appreciated. Please share your comments. 

About the Author

Hristo Maradjiev

Product Manager,
Telerik XAML Team

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