As a response to your constant requests for sample projects demonstrating the best practices of using OpenAccess ORM in web projects, we have released some of the new and updated samples before Q1 2012 so that you can benefit from them immediately.


MVC developers will be happy to know that along with the MVC 2 example “MVC Forum”, we are now offering two solutions demonstrating MVC 3 usage with Fluent API or an .rlinq Domain Model – whichever approach you prefer. In addition, you can see an implementation using the Razor view engine as an alternative of the default one. Find the samples in our new ASP.NET MVC category.


We have revised the best practice examples for ASP.NET applications and they are now merged into one sample solution, called Managing OpenAccess Context. There you can see three different approaches for managing your context – storing it in the Master page, in the HttpContext or implementing an HttpModule for it. We appreciate your feedback – which approach do you like the most and why?


To provide the RAD developers among you some insight on LINQ-based data binding with OpenAccess ORM, we have updated most of the old OQL-based OpenAccessDataSource samples to use the new OpenAccessLinqDataSource instead. Check out the Hierarchical RadGrid, Self-Referencing with RadTreeView, Cascading Delete and CRUD Operation samples, all under the ASP.NET category.


Get the latest build (2011.3.1320) of the OpenAccess SDK from the download page now and speed up the integration of OpenAccess in your solution! Feel free to provide any feedback or to request new samples according to your needs.

About the Author

Ivailo Ivanov

 is Team Lead in Telerik Data Access


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