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    Introducing the LINQ Provider for Couchbase

      NoSQL is the solution developers turn to when they need to address the challenges of Big Data. NoSQL has a fundamentally different architecture than relational databases. NoSQL stores the underlying data as singular JSON documents—as opposed to the relational model where your data may be spread across several different tables. Telerik has partnered with CouchBase and released the free LINQ to Couchbase provider to make our .NET controls NoSQL ready. Couchbase is the leading name in enterprise grade NoSQL databases.
    September 17, 2014
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    Execute Database Functions with Telerik OpenAccess ORM Q3 2012

    After implementing the native 1:1 relationships support and database default values support in Q2 2012, for the next official version we are going to continue delivering new features based on your feedback. Currently the most popular item in our Public Issues Tracking System (PITS) is “Database Functions Support” so this is the winner you can expect to see in the product as early as Q3 2012, expected to be out very soon! Furthermore, you should know that we have surpassed the initial expectations for this new feature and decided to add a brand new capability to our Domain Methods - read on and learn how...
    October 15, 2012
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    Telerik OpenAccess SDK – MVC 3, RAD data binding and more

      As a response to your constant requests for sample projects demonstrating the best practices of using OpenAccess ORM in web projects, we have released some of the new and updated samples before Q1 2012 so that you can benefit from them immediately.   MVC developers will be happy to know that along with the MVC 2 example “MVC Forum”, we are now offering two solutions demonstrating MVC 3 usage with Fluent API or an .rlinq Domain Model – whichever approach you prefer. In addition, you can see an implementation using the Razor view engine as an alternative of the default one. Find the...
    January 30, 2012
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    Using LINQ To Select Records Based on Child Collections

    [Cross posted from] Technorati Tags: LINQ,.NET Yesterday, after my session on LINQ at MADExpo, a gentleman asked me how I would solve a certain problem that he is facing at work with LINQ.  Here is my solution (turns out I was a little brain dead after giving three sessions at the conference, so while he was sitting with me, I just couldn’t see it). The Problem The problem consists of a list of salespeople that have sales.  Here are the classes involved: public class SalesPerson { public string Name { get; set; } public IList<Sales> Sales { get; set;...
    July 02, 2011

    RadGrid for ASP.NET Ajax and LINQ

    One of the most-asked questions when it comes to the ASP.NET Ajax RadGrid is "How do I improve performance?". We have covered this in some Webinars and videos that can be found on Telerik TV in a series which has been released in three parts: Part One, Part Two and Part Three. One thing I wanted to bring up with respect to performance is the usage of LINQ (Language Integrated Query) and our RadGrid. Although LINQ has been out since the initial release of .NET 3.5 I still receive quite a few questions when it comes to using it with our...
    April 28, 2010