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    Windows Phone 7 MVVM #8 - RadCalendar

    Hey folks, it’s been a little while since we discussed the MVVM pattern with the RadControls for Windows Phone, so I’m back to talk about one of the new controls we have available with the Q2 2011 release – RadCalendar.  RadCalendar is the Telerik answer to the native OS calendar in Windows Phone, offering similar functionality as far as how appointments are displayed and how you can navigate through months.  We also have a rich event structure in place to ensure you can do anything you want when selecting a timeslot – including a demo that gives some example code...
    August 08, 2011
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    Q2 2011 What's New for Windows Phone Wrap-up

    Hey Windows Phone lovers, it has been a busy two weeks since we had release webinar week.  We've seen the release of Visual Studio LightSwitch and the Telerik Hands-On-Labs that I wrote for that release, we've been prepping some really neat content that will start making some waves soon (check back tomorrow!), and of course we have been hard at work on creating learning resources to cover everything that was release during this latest round.  So of course part of that is packaging up the demos and slides from the Q2 presentations as well as covering some of the great...
    August 03, 2011
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    RadChart for Windows Phone 7 – fun with gestures

    As Q2 2011 is officially out, we are really excited about all the interactivity features we shipped with our charting component. Together with all the built-in goodies like PanAndZoom, Trackball and Tooltip, we have also implemented a flexible and convenient way for extending the default gesture handling behavior of RadChart. By implementing a handler for the RadChart.PreviewGesture event you may provide completely custom interactivity depending on your custom scenario. When marked as “Handled” the event will have higher priority than any default behaviors registered with the Chart. Simple drill-down functionality Let’s play a bit more with the PreviewGesture event by implementing a...
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    Silverlight is Dead, Long Live XAML

      by Stephen Forte (This article is a re-post from the Stephen Forte's Blog)   A few weeks ago I was in the Telerik cafeteria at our world headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, and a colleague walked up to me and asked: "Is Silverlight dead?" I replied: "No, but it has seen better days." Since Silverlight's absence from last year's Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in Redmond, WA, the infamous "our strategy has shifted" comment made by Microsoft Server and Tools Division President Bob Muglia, Scott Guthrie's move out of DevDiv, and the recent reorg of the XAML team, the community has been in an uproar assuming that Silverlight...
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    RadListPicker for Windows Phone 7 greatly optimized

    A while ago, when we were designing the architecture of RadListPicker for Windows Phone, we thought that the most common scenario to use the control is with 5 – 20 items at most. That is why we decided not to implement any virtualization techniques and all the items, both in the inline and the popup parts were realized upon control load. The user feedback however was different – we received many requests for a faster list picker, which can easily deal with 50 – 250 or even more items. And we listened to our users – as of Q2 2011 our...