We are happy to announce the Service Pack 1 release of our RadControls for Windows 8 suite. Along with the numerous bug fixes and improvements we have also implemented two highly requested new features for our Date/Time Picker components, available both for the XAML and HTML parts of the suite. We always listen to our users and their feedback – meet these fresh new enhancements:

Display Mode

Many of our users wanted to be able to display the Selector (or Popup) part of the picker in the main page layout instead of having the popup open on tap. Well, this is not a “request” anymore but rather a feature :)

A screen of our new example from our Demos Application in the Windows Store (XAML version, HTML version).

Displaying the Selector within the page’s layout is as simple as setting the DisplayMode property (XAML, HTML) to DateTimePickerDisplayMode.Inline. By default the Date/Time pickers will have their DisplayMode property set to DateTimePickerDisplayMode.Standard. The Selection Change mode is also different when the Selector is displayed Inline – every single change within any of the looping lists will also change the Value property of the picker. This is what we call “Instant update” vs. “Transaction (confirmation) update” when the control is in “Standard” display mode.

Numerical Keyboard Input

The other highly requested feature is the ability of the pickers to “Translate” numerical key strokes to valid Date and Time values.

In the above example, typing “2012” over the currently Expanded/Focused Year list will navigate you automatically to the year 2012.

The keyboard navigation support is explained in more details in our documentation (HTML version).

We hope that you will love these new additions. We will be expecting your feedback and suggestions in our forums for Windows 8 HTML or for Windows 8 XAML as well as in the Ideas&Feedback portal.

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Georgi has 15 years of experience in multiple software technologies. Ten years ago, he joined Telerik, later acquired by Progress, and he has set up and led multiple products and teams since. His latest endeavor is building a product that adds the Progress value into the augmented and virtual reality development workflow.


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