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    RadChart for Windows 8 WinRT - Designing the demo

    We, at Telerik, are trying to be the first facing the challenge to adopt the newest technologies - and here we are now designing and developing a WinRT demo application at this early developer preview stage of the OS and developer tools. As a UX designer I was eager to start with the design and in the same time a little bit scared in front of the challenge. However it turns out it’s not as big of a challenge as I thought. Two of the most important reasons for that are: our RadControls for Windows Phone 7 completely working on WinRT...
    October 14, 2011
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    (Un)Official Build Precon UX Session with Billy Hollis

    So your bags are packed, the agenda page is still pretty void of content, and you're wondering what you can do before the Build conference in Anaheim to really get ready for the grand unveiling of vNext of Windows and all that is in store, right? Luckily the dynamic duo of Billy Hollis and Telerik have you covered with the Unofficial Build Precon Event!  Taking place at the Sheraton Park Hotel on Monday, September 12th from 9am-2:30PM, the pre-con will let you learn some of the fundamentals of great UX before the conference begins.  This way you will be all set once they...
    September 02, 2011
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    The LOB Chronicles Episode 3: From UX to UI

    In this episode we are diving into how we can construct a better user interface (UI) utilizing the tools that our User Experience (UX) experts have put before us.  If you recall last time we discussed the importance of UX and how it can help us to identify higher-traffic areas of our application as well as why certain views might need to be more prevalent within the application. Today we go one step further and translate UX into UI in terms we can all understand, including views, navigation, and everyone’s favorite click-count. From Empathy to Navigation One of the highlights from the last post...
    August 18, 2011
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    The LOB Chronicles - Exploring User Experience (UX)

    In the previous post we discussed a host of different things to introduce everyone to the LOB Chronicles project as well as the technologies (both Microsoft and Telerik) that are involved.  With a combination of Silverlight, TeamPulse (build with the Telerik Xaml tools), RadControls for Silverlight, OpenAccess, and Test Studio, we’re ready to start planning out our application from the ground up.  Before we write code, though, we want to take a step back and consider just who we’re designing this software for - which is where our UX experts come into play. Why UX? This is a great question and one...
    August 11, 2011
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    WPF / Silverlight: How-to improve user experience when placing RadChart in a container that changes size rapidly on user demand

    I must admit that coming up with a meaningful and relatively short title was really hard this time. Anyway, here is the scenario: You have a page layout with Grid panel with several cells and one of the cells is occupied by a RadChart control instance. Your requirements indicate that the grid layout should be flexible so you have placed several grid splitters in your panel as well. Soon enough, one of your QAs decides to play around with the GridSplitter and notices that the application slows down and becomes irresponsive (and can even crash) when the splitter is dragged around...
    February 19, 2010