• .NET

    Announcing the new Fiddler Logo

    Last month, I announced that Telerik designers had created a variety of new logo proposals for Fiddler, and that we were looking to the Fiddler community to select their favorite. A month later, thousands of votes have been cast, and while the contest was close, a winner emerged-- candidate #2...
    December 13, 2012
  • .NET Mobile

    Announcing RadControls for Windows Phone Q3 2012 SP1: Revamped DataForm, ListPicker enhancements and many more

    Q3 2012 SP1 comes as a milestone in the development of RadDataForm. This release introduces significant improvements and enhancements in the control making it entirely revamped. The changes are important because they are inspired by our real-life experience with the control while integrating it in our Tasks application for Windows Phone and other smaller projects. Since some significant breaking changes are introduced with the new RadDataForm upgrades, we strongly recommend anyone who uses the control to take a look at the Release Notes for further information. We are also going to update our online help regarding RadDataForm considering the new APIs.
    December 12, 2012
  • Mobile

    RadControls for Windows 8 - Q3 Service Pack update

    Before the end of the year we release an important update to RadControls for Windows 8. This Service Pack release brings tons of improvements as well as new important features that have been requested by our customers. Such features are Financial Charts (HTML) and Numeric Input in the Date/Time Pickers.
    December 05, 2012
  • Mobile

    Using the Performance Analyzer for HTML5 Apps in Windows 8

    If you have built a Windows 8 app, you are probably familiar with the WACK (Windows App Certification Kit). This small utility allows a developer to make sure that their app passes the basic tests performed during the Windows Store certification process. Visual Studio 2012 advises you to run the WACK each time you create an app package. This tool is great for small and simple apps, but for more complex ones you will need a better way to evaluate their performance. That is why you should also test using the Performance Analyzer for HTML5 Apps.
    December 04, 2012