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    Implementing TDD in a .NET Application

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    Test-driven development (TDD) is a software creation process used by many developers to write quality code. Check out in this article how TDD works and how to implement it in a .NET application.
    November 04, 2022
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    Music TDD and D&D

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    On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, guest Guy Royse discusses his Test Driven Development workshop "Putting the D&D in TDD". Guy shares his career experiences with Test Driven Development, speaking, pr...
    September 28, 2016
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    JustMock Lite Just Got Even Better

    We are open sourcing JustMock Lite and giving it to the community. We are giving you the chance to see and improve upon the JustMock Lite source code and share your changes with others. Now you can easily add any functionality that you need and want. We are sure you can make JustMock Lite even better.
    March 25, 2014
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    30 Days of TDD: Day Five – Make Your Code SOLID

    In the previous two posts we started our practice of TDD with a simple example of a requirement, a couple of test cases and tests to match. We implemented the code necessary to make those tests pass. Along the way we discussed some of the tools we’ll be using going forward, including NUnit and JustCode. In this post I’ll be discussing the SOLID principals and how they can help with your practice of TDD and help you write better software in general.
    September 18, 2013
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    30 Days of TDD: Day Four – Making Your First Test Pass

    In the previous post I discussed the tools I will be using in this series; Visual Studio 2013 Preview as my development environment, NUnit as my unit testing framework and JustCode as my test runner. I also introduced a requirement and wrote my first test to capture that basics of that requirement. In this post I’ll demonstrate one of the most important concepts about TDD by writing just enough code to make the first test pass. I’ll then add more tests to introduce more functionality to our library.
    September 16, 2013